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    Drug use/abuse: policies and policy implementation in higher education instituties in Bangkok 

    Preecha Methavasaraphak; Linchong Chorrojprasert; Narong Chumsupanwaree; Juthaporn Wannarat; Urai Chaktrimongkhol; Kanokporn Isarankura na Ayuthaya (Research Institute of Assumption University, 2009)

    The objectives of this study are to study policies and policies implementation concerning drug use/abuse among Higher Education Institutions (HEls) in Bangkok Metropolis, to study the operational processes of policies and measures concerning drug use/abuse among HEls, to study the current situation of drug use/abuse among HE!s, and to study problems and obstacles on drug prevention among HEls. Research methodologies and activities for this research were divided into three phases (Phase I: Brainstorming seminar, Phase II: In-depth interviews, and ...
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    Insight into internally displaced persons in Bangkok Metropolis, Thailand 

    Preecha Methavasaraphak; Chatchayodome Pulpol; Narong Chumsupanwaree; Juthaporn Wannarat; Jiraprapa Lakkam (Research Institute of Assumption University, 2010)

    This research study aims to explore ways of life of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Bangkok Metropolis, Thailand. The study focuses on three groups of IDPs; namely invaded community IDPs, under the bridge IDPs and homeless IDPs. In general, the IDPs have different backgrounds and places of origins, but share similar causes of displacement. The displacement is commonly resulted from the economic, social, and health-related factors. In some cases, the IDPs seek to escape from their so-called surrounding environment. Nowadays, the IDPs ...