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    The antecedents and consequences of conspicuous consumption of luxury fashion goods in a social media platform 

    Wanwisa Charoennan; Huang, Kai-Ping (2018)

    The purpose of this study was to examine the influences of social media usage, key opinion leaders (KOLs), self-image congruency, and materialism on conspicuous consumption, as well as how conspicuous consumption had an impact on happiness with a purchase and satisfaction with luxury fashion products in a social media platform. The literature review suggested that conspicuous consumption was accelerated over a social media platform and by the role of KOLs because they promoted the favorable self-expression through a product consumption that exh...
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    An exploratory study of consumers' attitudes towards ASEAN economic integration 

    Panjarat Phumpradab; Amonrat Thoumrungroje (2013)

    This research explores and compares the attitudes towards ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) between Thai and Singaporean citizens. Self-administered questionnaires were used to collect survey data of which 1,462 Thai and 647 Singaporean respondents are usable in this study. The result shows that there is a significant difference in the level of attitudes in supporting AEC between Thais and Singaporeans. By using Univariate ANOVA, we found that age, education, news consumption frequency and most watched TV program explain the differences in the lev...
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    Financial literacy and money management among the young 

    Rattana Waranyasathid; Htin, Khin Zar Win (2020)

    The aim of thisstudy is to analyze the relationship between financial literacy, both basicand advanced,and money managementamong the youth. This includes saving and cash management. Data sets were collected using questionnaire surveysfrom undergraduate students inBangkok. A regression analysis was conductedto test the relationship of financial literacy (the independent variable) and money management (the dependent variables). The results indicate that in the case of students who have basic financial literacy, i.e., un...
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    The influence of transformational leadership style on organizational success: a study on MNCs in Bangkok, Thailand 

    Akechai Judkrue (2012)

    Transformational leadership entails individualized consideration, recognition and motivation among other aspects. There is no doubt that transformational leadership contributes to organizational success more than transactional leadership does. Following its effectiveness, multinational corporations (MNCs) in Bangkok use transformational leaders to attain competitive advantage in the context of rising global competitiveness. Through a rigorous process of data collection and hypothesis testing, this research proves beyond reasonable doubt that tr...
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    The transformational leadership factors influence global leaders 

    Akechai Judkrue (2012)

    This paper addresses the four factors – Idealized Influence (II), Inspirational Motivation (1M), Intellectual Stimulation (IS), and Individualized Consideration (IC) – that affect the successfulness of transformational leadership to become a global leader. It also gives information on how eleadership works together with transformational leadership. In the paper, the Likert Scale was used to collect data, AMOS to analyze it, the Confirmatory Factor Analysis to confirm the model, and a literature review to support the study.
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    Gold futures contracts on comparing ordinary least squares and bivariate vector autoregression on hedging effectiveness 

    Suppanunta Romprasert (2014)

    Gold futures contracts are effective to be used as a hedging instrument in Thailand commodity futures exchange especially by bivariate vector autoregression model. The results indicate that constant hedge ratio after controlling for basis risk outperform the time-varying hedge ratio. Comparisons of the in-sample and out-of-sample hedging performance of each model imply that the BVAR model performs the better over OLS model. It is important for gold futures market participants to have an understanding of how effective the commodities futur...
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    Malaysia-Singapore-Thailand Capital Accumulation Growth (MST-CAG) 

    Suppanunta Romprasert (2015)

    Paper has presented ideal of capital accumulation growth by using Solow Growth Model for Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand case. Based on past 10 years by those three countries, the economies have expanded. The investment on infrastructure also shows as a part of country’s sustained economic growth such as telecommunications, electricity and ports. In the same time countries are experiencing a growing in shortage of skilled technical personnel. Then, paper’s objective is to examine whether growth of countries is due to countries’ capit...
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    The influence of culture, gender and academic achievement on foreign language anxiety 

    Angsana Chanak (2016)

    Although a multitude of research studies have been conducted on communication anxiety, studies investigating cultural factors and communication anxiety from both a reading and writing perspective are limited. To help educators, the present study compared students from Thailand and the People‟s Republic of China (PRC) at an international university, in order to discover if culture, gender and academic achievement are significantly related to reading and writing anxiety. The results indicated that overall reading anxiety was not significantly dif...
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    Logistic Competitiveness and Export Performance: The Case of Myanmar Fresh Produce 

    Theingi, Hla (2015)

    Agriculture sector is the mainstay of the Myanmar economy accounting for 60 percent of the GDP and employing 65 percent of the labor force. Thus agriculture sector’s competitiveness is imperative for Myanmar’s economy. Agriculture sector’s competitiveness depends largely on logistic competitiveness of the country since logistic costs contribute 20% of the total cost of production. According to the World Bank Logistic Performance Index (2014) Myanmar rank 145 out of 160 countries with logistic efficiency of 40% of the best performer; German...
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    The Influence of Social Media Intensity and EWOM on Conspicuous Consumption 

    Amonrat Thoumrungroje (2014)

    An increasing number of people all around the globe are spending tremendous amounts of time in the cyber world on activities such as connecting with one another and searching for information. It is undeniable that social media, such as social networking sites (e.g. Facebook), micro blogging sites (e.g. Twitter), photo sharing sites (e.g. Instagram), and video sharing sites (e.g. YouTube) play a considerable role in peoples’ daily lives—changing the way people carry out their routines. This widespread consumption of social media has made an ...
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    E-Service Attribute Analysis: An Application of Kano's Model 

    Nitipan Ratanasawadwat (2015)

    The aim of the paper is to contribute to a better understanding of e-service attributes through an empirical investigation. Very limited studies have been directed towards understanding the implementing role of e-service attributes influencing customer satisfaction in online movie theatre settings. Therefore, this study apply an empirical investigation for implementing online movie theatre quality attributes using an integrated method of Kano's model to persuade customer satisfaction.
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    Short Term IPO Returns In Stock Exchange Of Thailand: The Study In 2003-2013 

    Marisa Laokulrach (2015)

    This study examines the short term performance of initial public offering (IPO) in capital market of Thailand from 2003-2013. The daily price data is used in this study to identify the short term returns of IPO of the first trading day until the day that abnormal return cannot be earned. The results confirm the abnormal returns of the first trading day of IPO and also identify that their outperformance returns remain until day 246 after the market. IPO of four industries which are financial, service, resources, and technology outperform...
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    What are the Factors Influencing the Information Technology Adoption in Asian Region? A Study of the B2C E-Commerce Systems Success 

    John, Surej P. (2012)

    During this decade, large numbers of researchers investigate the success factors of B2C e-commerce systems. This may be due to the increased popularity of internet and its wide range of applications on personal as well as business use. However it is to be noted that majority of these studies were conceptual studies. Though some empirically validated studies were published on B2C e-commerce systems, very few focused on Asian consumers. The study aims to fill this gap by studying e-commerce success factors among Asian online consumers. An...
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    The Effects of Macroeconomic Factors on Stock Return of Energy Sector in Shanghai Stock Market 

    Bing, Zhu (2012)

    The purpose of this study is to study the impact of macroeconomic factors on return of energy sector in Shanghai stock market (SEE), which are inflation rate, money supply (M2), exchange rate, industrial production, bond, exports, imports, foreign reserve and unemployment rate. The secondary data, collected from People’s Bank of China and the National Bureau of Statistics of China, were for the period beginning January 2005 to December 2011 with no any missing monthly observations. The samples are selected from Shanghai Stock Exchange (SEE) to ...
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    Management of the IPO performance in Thailand 

    Ekkachai Boonchuaymetta; Wiparat Chuanrommanee (2013)

    This research aims to explore the relationships between six major IPO elements in Thailand: underwriter reputation, ownership concentration, book-building, IPO allocation, the length of the lock up period, and investor interest and underpricing. The sample comprises 153 IPOs listed between 2001 and 2011. Cross-sectional analysis reveals that IPO allocation appears to be the strongest factor with a negative relation to underpricing. The length of the lock up period, issue size, industry, and hot issue market show significant and positive relatio...
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    Developing Credit Scoring Models When Small Sample Sizes Are Available 

    Vesarach Aumeboonsuke (2013)

    Making lending decision is an important process for financial institutions because it has a direct impact on the profits and losses of financial institutions. Therefore, financial Institutions try to develop good credit scoring models to make lending decisions. The purpose of this research is to compare the performance of the credit scoring models between multiple linear regression and logistic regression. The comparison of the credit scoring models is done through using three sets of population data generated through simulation. The odds ratio...
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    Weak Form Efficiency of Six Equity Exchanges in ASEAN 

    Vesarach Aumeboonsuke (2012)

    This research investigates the weak form efficiency of six equity indices in ASEAN countries including the FTSE Bursa Malaysia Index (FBM), Jakarta Stock Exchange Composite Index (JCI), Philippines Stock Exchange Index (PCI), Stock Exchange of Thailand Index (SET), Singapore’s Straits Times Index (STI), and Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Stock Index (VN). The research examines the weak form efficiency across different equity exchange indices and also investigates whether there is an improvement in the weak form efficiency of each equity exchange index acr...
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    Roles of Travel Incentives on Employee Motivation and Perfomance, Journal of Business Administration 

    Nucharee Supatn (2016)

    Travel incentive is a type of the organizational reward that includes individual business meeting, group travel to offsite business meetings, as well as the travel and tours to any places outside the office. The influences of three factors related to travel incentives i.e. destination image, need for travel, and self-congruity on employees' perceived value on the travel incentives, their work motivation, as well as their job performance were tested in this research. Questionnaire survey was conducted. The 418 sets of data were collected from th...
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    Influences of Destination Image on Thai Students’ Perceived Value and Travel Motivation on the Work and Travel Program 

    Nucharee Supatn; Chanita Jiratchot (2015)

    Work and Travel is known as a program that brings students to work abroad during summer session. As the program is operated by the private firms, students' perception and reaction on the program are important in term of the prediction on the sustainability of the business. This research aims to study the relationships between destination image, perceived benefits and perceived monetary and non-monetary cost,which are time, effort, and possible risk, on perceived value and travel motivation. Questionnaire suvery was designed where 351 sets o...
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    Reduced Multi-class Contour Preserving Classification 

    Piyabute Fuangkhon; Thitipong Tanprasert (2016)

    This research presents the augmentation of the original contour preserving classification technique to support multi-class data and to reduce the number of synthesized vectors, called multi-class outpost vectors (MCOVs). The technique has been proven to function on both synthetic-problem data sets and real-world data sets correctly. The technique also includes three methods to reduce the number of MCOVs by using minimum vector distance selection between fundamental multi-class outpost vectors and additional multi-class outpost vectors to select...
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