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    Adaptive Two-stage Spectrum Sensing under Noise Uncertainty in Cognitive Radio Networks 

    Kornkamol Thakulsukannant; Wilaiporn Lee; Akara Prayote; Kanabadee Srisomboon (2016)

    To utilize licensed spectrum bands efficiently, spectrum sensing needs to be accurate and fast. The occurrence of noise uncertainty and the lower in received PU signal power due to the distance between the transmitter and the receiver, path loss, are the main challenges that has a great impact on the accuracy of spectrum sensing. In this paper, we propose a new scheme of two-stage spectrum sensing, “Adaptive Two-stage Spectrum Sensing (ATSS)”, under noise uncertainty environment. ATSS is a modified of a conventional two-stage spectrum sensing ...
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    Alternative Modes of Export Entry for SMEs from Emerging Economies 

    Amonrat Thoumrungroje (2013)

    The primary purpose of this study is to investigate the specific issue of modes of export entry of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that originate from emerging economies. Four theoretical frameworks on the process of internationalization (i.e. FDI, stage models, network perspective, and organizational capability perspective) are reviewed with respect to the internationalization of SMEs. Direct and indirect exporting are compared based on transaction cost analysis (TCA) and the network perspective. Problems arising from the use of extant ...
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    Bank CG and Basel III 

    Unknown author (Manager 360 Monthly Magazine, 2011-01-10)
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    Content Analysis of Wiki Discussions for knowledge Construction: Opportunities and Challenges 

    Vasa Buraphadeja (2012)

    Research on several aspects of asynchronous online discussions in online and hybrid courses has been successfully conducted using content analysis in the past. With the increase in Web 2.0 and social media use in education, research on knowledge construction within newer virtual environments like blogs or wikis is just emerging. This study applies a well-known model of content analysis for knowledge construction to an educational wiki environment. Twelve graduate students’ contributions to a wiki in a 14-week on-campus course on Web 2.0 technologies ...
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    The Contingent Role of Customer Orientation and Entrepreneurial Orientation on Product Innovation and Performance 

    Amonrat Thoumrungroje; Racela, Olimpia C. (2013)

    This paper synthesizes marketing and entrepreneurship literature and postulates the complementary nature of a customer orientation with that of an entrepreneurial orientation, then explores their relationships with product innovation and performance. A path analysis was used to test the hypotheses based on data collected from a sample of 159 strategic business units in 15 different industries. The results show that an entrepreneurial orientation does not have a relationship with product innovation unless it is coupled with the complementary effect ...
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    Corporate Governance, Violations and Market Reactions 

    Visit Phunnarungsi (2013)

    We test the relation between firm-level corporate governance and the market reaction to announcements of violations of rules and regulations by Thai listed firms. We find no significant difference in market reaction when firms with high and low governance scores commit violations. We do find a larger negative abnormal return when firms with low past violation records violate the rules. The market reaction is especially strong, − 8.1% on average, when firms with low past violations and low governance scores commit violations. The evidence suggests ...
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    A Cross-Vergence of Consumer Preferences: An Empirical Study of Ethnic Subgroups in Thailand 

    Amonrat Thoumrungroje (2012)

    Building on Bandura’s (2002) social cognitive theory and Phinney’s (1993) three-stage model of ethnic formation, this study explores the trends towards cross-vergence of consumers’ demand in the globalization era. The results from an exploratory factor analysis aiming to identify the underlying benefits that consumers of three different ethnic subgroups in Thailand have towards a non-ethnic consumer product confirms the crossvergence thesis. Thus, both sociology and psychology literature complements each other in explaining both the ...
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    Developing Credit Scoring Models When Small Sample Sizes Are Available 

    Vesarach Aumeboonsuke (2013)

    Making lending decision is an important process for financial institutions because it has a direct impact on the profits and losses of financial institutions. Therefore, financial Institutions try to develop good credit scoring models to make lending decisions. The purpose of this research is to compare the performance of the credit scoring models between multiple linear regression and logistic regression. The comparison of the credit scoring models is done through using three sets of population data generated through simulation. The odds ratio ...
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    E-Service Attribute Analysis: An Application of Kano's Model 

    Nitipan Ratanasawadwat (2015-11)

    The aim of the paper is to contribute to a better understanding of e-service attributes through an empirical investigation. Very limited studies have been directed towards understanding the implementing role of e-service attributes influencing customer satisfaction in online movie theatre settings. Therefore, this study apply an empirical investigation for implementing online movie theatre quality attributes using an integrated method of Kano's model to persuade customer satisfaction.
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    The Effects of Macroeconomic Factors on Stock Return of Energy Sector in Shanghai Stock Market 

    Bing, Zhu (2012-11)

    The purpose of this study is to study the impact of macroeconomic factors on return of energy sector in Shanghai stock market (SEE), which are inflation rate, money supply (M2), exchange rate, industrial production, bond, exports, imports, foreign reserve and unemployment rate. The secondary data, collected from People’s Bank of China and the National Bureau of Statistics of China, were for the period beginning January 2005 to December 2011 with no any missing monthly observations. The samples are selected from Shanghai Stock Exchange (SEE) to ...
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    Exchange Rate and Price: A Granger Causality Test of Consumer Price Index in China 

    Bing, Zhu (2012)

    The purpose of this study is to examine a causal relationship between changes in exchange rate and changes in price level measured by CPI (consumer price index) in China by applying Granger Causality test, in which three major trading partners of China are chosen: the United States representing North America, European Union representing Europe, and Japan representing Asia. The secondary data, collected from National Bureau of Statistics of China, are for the period of January 2005 to April 2011 that spans the present managed floating exchange-rate ...
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    Forecasting of Rubber in Futures Market 

    Suppanunta Romprasert (2012)
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    Foreign-Branding, Product Evaluations, and Brand Image: An Experiment on Brand Pronunciation in Thailand 

    Amonrat Thoumrungroje (2012)

    The use of foreign branding has become a popular strategy to employ on local products. A betweensubjects experimental design involving a total of 80 Thai participants was conducted to examine the effects of foreign branding on consumers product evaluations and attitudes toward the brand. Foreign branding was manipulated as English and Thai pronunciation of six fictitious brand names. The results indicate that English pronunciation fostered higher perceptions of product hedonism, regardless of whether the product is actually hedonic, hybrid or ...
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    Gold futures contracts on comparing ordinary least squares and bivariate vector autoregression on hedging effectiveness 

    Suppanunta Romprasert (2014)

    Gold futures contracts are effective to be used as a hedging instrument in Thailand commodity futures exchange especially by bivariate vector autoregression model. The results indicate that constant hedge ratio after controlling for basis risk outperform the time-varying hedge ratio. Comparisons of the in-sample and out-of-sample hedging performance of each model imply that the BVAR model performs the better over OLS model. It is important for gold futures market participants to have an understanding of how effective the commodities futures ...
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    How exporters' and intermediaries' resources influence export performance 

    Theingi (2011)

    Purpose: The purpose of the paper is to investigate the influence of firm resources and export intermediary resources on export performance using the resource-based view (RBV). Methodology: Data was collected from 320 small and medium sized exporters from Thailand and the unit of analysis was an export venture. Cluster analysis and discriminant analysis were used to test whether the availability of firm resources and intermediary resources vary between different SME clusters. Finding: Results show that the high performing cluster used their ...
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    The influence of culture, gender and academic achievement on foreign language anxiety 

    Angsana Chanak (2016-03)

    Although a multitude of research studies have been conducted on communication anxiety, studies investigating cultural factors and communication anxiety from both a reading and writing perspective are limited. To help educators, the present study compared students from Thailand and the People‟s Republic of China (PRC) at an international university, in order to discover if culture, gender and academic achievement are significantly related to reading and writing anxiety. The results indicated that overall reading anxiety was not significantly ...
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    The influence of passion and empowerment on organizational citizenship behavior of teachers mediated by organizational commitment 

    Uree Cheasakul; Varam, Parvathy (2016)

    The present research aims to study the direct and indirect influence of passion and empowerment on organizational citizenship behavior of teachers in a private university in Thailand mediated by organizational commitment. The sample comprises 124 teachers teaching in the university and the Organizational Citizenship Behavior Scale, adapted by Podsakoff and Mackenzie (1990), Passion Scale, developed by Vallerand, Carbonneau, Fernet and Guay (2008), School Participant Empowerment Scale (SPES) developed by Short and Rinehart (1992) and Organizational ...
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    The Influence of Social Media Intensity and EWOM on Conspicuous Consumption 

    Amonrat Thoumrungroje (2014-08)

    An increasing number of people all around the globe are spending tremendous amounts of time in the cyber world on activities such as connecting with one another and searching for information. It is undeniable that social media, such as social networking sites (e.g. Facebook), micro blogging sites (e.g. Twitter), photo sharing sites (e.g. Instagram), and video sharing sites (e.g. YouTube) play a considerable role in peoples’ daily lives—changing the way people carry out their routines. This widespread consumption of social media has made an ...
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    Influences of Destination Image on Thai Students’ Perceived Value and Travel Motivation on the Work and Travel Program 

    Nucharee Supatn; Chanita Jiratchot (2015)

    Work and Travel is known as a program that brings students to work abroad during summer session. As the program is operated by the private firms, students' perception and reaction on the program are important in term of the prediction on the sustainability of the business. This research aims to study the relationships between destination image, perceived benefits and perceived monetary and non-monetary cost,which are time, effort, and possible risk, on perceived value and travel motivation. Questionnaire suvery was designed where 351 sets of ...