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    Over-investment and Free Cash Flow: Evidence from Thailand 

    Nopphon Tangjitprom (2015-04)

    This paper examines whether there is a relation between over-investment and free cash flow. In perfect capital market, it is expected that investment decision should not be influenced by the level of cash flow. However, the free cash flow hypothesis predicts that firms with higher free cash flow will be vulnerable to the agency problem like over-investment. Using the data from listed firms in the Stock Exchange of Thailand during 2001-2013, the result indicates that there is a positive relation between over-investment and free cash flow...
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    The Impact of Transformation Expectations on Conspicuous Consumption: A Cross-Cultural Comparison 

    Amonrat Thoumrungroje; Pattana Boonchoo (2015-02)

    Building upon the expectation states theory (EST), we propose a cross-cultural conceptual model to investigate the relationships between five underlying dimensions of transformation expectations and conspicuous consumption. We advocate that (a) consumers who believe they can transform themselves in various aspects through product consumption are more likely to engage in conspicuous consumption, and (b) the relationships between transformation expectations and conspicuous consumption vary across cultures. The delineation of relationships propose...
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    Bank Stock Return Sensitivity to Interest Rate Changes in Thailand 

    Sirikarn Jeanchutima; Nopphon Tangjitprom (2015-01)

    Many studies were trying to explain the changes of stock returns by finding the factors impact on a certain market, industry, or stock. Focusing on the financial institution especially commercial bank, there are some research proved that interest rate is one of the crucial factor impact the commercial bank stock returns. Interest rate is the cost and return of money in financial market since commercial bank acts as major financial intermediary; therefore, interest rate is still the majority of its cost and return. In Thai stock market shows dif...
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    Antecedents and Consequences of Relationship Quality: An Exploratory Study on Hospitals in Thailand 

    Suppasit Sornsri (2015-01)

    The focal construct in this study is the relationship quality between the hospitals and the patients. The previous studies had developed relationship quality dimensions mostly in terms of “want to” aspect and tested their model in various B2B and B2C contexts. However, in several long-term relationships, “ought to” and “have to” aspects of relationship are also important in helping create the relationship longevity in spite of dissatisfaction in the relationship. Very few empirical researches on relationship quality have captured these dimensio...
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    Loyalty in Department Store Online Shopping 

    Nitipan Ratanasawadwat (2015-01)

    The purpose of this paper is to explore knowledge about the influences of e-service quality and technology acceptance model (TAM) on e-satisfaction, loyalty, and online purchase intention in online department store in Bangkok, Thailand. The online model was developed based on e-service quality and TAM. A self-administered questionnaire was employed to collect data from customers who had used and purchased products via online department store outlets. The data were collected from the respondents in Bangkok area during March 2014. 200 compl...
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    Extending a Standard Tablet into an Ocarina Playing Gaming Platform with Projected Parallax Layers 

    Pisal Setthawong (2015-10)

    This paper describes the implementation of a clipon hardware extension to the standard tablet to create a gaming platform that can help people play the 4 hole variation of the ocarina musical instrument. A clip-on contraption was used to project the visual output into a physically layered parallax layer to create an interesting visual presentation. The proposed clipon contraption was designed and custom-made to fit a standard 10” tablet and a 3D Role Playing Game utilizing the 4 hole ocarina fingering scheme as input was developed as a ...
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    An Alternative SR Spatial Enhancement Based on Adaptive Meridian Filter and GOM Registration for Severe Noisy Blurred Videos 

    Kornkamol Thakulsukanant; Vorapoj Patanavijit (2015-08)

    Commonly, filtering technique and the video registration technique are two main significance factors of a video SR (Super Resolution) enhancement algorithm. First, the classical filtering technique is based on a linear filter such as mean or median filter that are only suitable for noiseless or low power noise. Later, classical video registration techniques are usually based on a simple translation model because of the fast computation and easy implementation thereby this registration has high precision error. To get over both problems,...
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    An Alternative Single-Image Super Resolution Framework Employing High Frequency Prediction Using A Robust Huber Rational Function 

    Kornkamol Thakulsukannant; Vorapoj Patanavijit (2015-11)

    In general prospective, SI-SR or Single-Image Super-Resolution, which is one of the most useful algorithms of Super Resolution-Reconstruction (SRR) algorithms, is a mathematical procedure for acquiring a high-resolution image from only one coarse-resolution image, which is usually computed by Digital Image Processing (DIP). Even thought there have been substantially researched during the last decade, Single - Image Super-Resolution for applying on real implementations still keeps throw down the gauntlet. One of the practical Single- Im...
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    An Implementation of Online Marketing in Movie Theatre: A Case Study in Thailand 

    Nitipan Ratanasawadwat (2016-01)

    Movie theaters in Thailand have been expanded their ticket selling channels from offline to online. Therefore, customers can purchase movie tickets via online (website and mobile application). Some customers do not want to wait in a long queue. Some of them would like to make sure that when they arrive the movie theatre they are able to see the movie on the schedule time as they planned. Therefore, they decided to make reservation as well as purchase the tickets via online. This paper, therefore, is developed to be a practitioner-oriented...
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    The possibility of applying the philosophy of sufficiency economy in organizational purchasing 

    Suppasit Sornsri (2016-12)

    The main objective of this research is to explore the possibility of applying the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy in purchasing of the organizations. The Sufficiency Economy Philosophy is initiated by His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand. The philosophy reflecting the principle of Thai culture is a method of development on the three foundations of moderation, reasonableness, and self-immunity. These three bases are performed with the provision of knowledge and integrity as well as the intelligence and perseverance leading to the t...
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    The Influence of Game Addiction and Internet Addiction among University Students on Depression Stress and Anxiety Mediated by Self-regulation and Social Support 

    Varma, Parvathy (2015-10)

    The present study investigated the direct and indirect influences of Internet and online game addiction on the levels of depression, anxiety, and stress mediated by self-regulation and social support among students of a private university in Thailand. The study’s sample consisted of 380 students of whom (218 females and 162 males) from a private university. Results from the path analysis indicated that the respondents’ level of game addiction and internet addiction had both direct and indirect influences on their levels of depression, anxi...
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    Security Concerns in Cloud Computing for Knowledge Management Systems 

    Thanyatida Gunadham; Pramote Kuacharoen (2016)

    This study discusses major security issues and concerns related to cloud computing environment in regard to knowledge management system processes such as knowledge creation, refining, storing, sharing, and utilization. This study uses the exploratory approach to address major security concerns and whether they need consideration for each knowledge management process. The result of this study reveals main cloud computing security concerns such as data security and confidentiality issues, access controls, data loss or leakage prevention, cy...
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    Extending the Socio-Economic Status (SES) Prediction System Based on the Thailand Marketing Research Society (TMRS) Standardized SES Classification for Thai Upcountry Urban Subjects 

    Jirayut Poomontre; Pisal Setthawong (2016)

    This research proposes an extension to the prediction system of socio-economic status (SES) by using asset ownership data, that the authors proposed previously on subjects based in Bangkok, to include Thai upcountry urban subjects. The prediction system is based on the standardized SES classification that is proposed by the Thailand Marketing Research Society (TMRS) and widely adopted by marketing research firms in Thailand. The paper describes the TMRS SES classification briefly, proposes a prediction system for Thai upcountry urban subjects b...
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    The Antecedents and Consequences of Customer Engagement: An Exploratory Study on Mobile Network Business in Thailand 

    Suchira Phoorithewet; Theingi; Wang, Yunmei; Sikankaew Panthongprasert (2016-01)

    This study explores the antecedents and consequences of customer engagement behavior in the Thai mobile network business. A qualitative research using 15 interviews was conducted to identify the service quality dimensions, customer engagement behaviors and customer loyalty. The respondents’ main concerns were related to technical and functional service quality and their engagement behavior were addressed mostly in offline mode when they interacted with their family, friends and occasionally communicating to the mobile providers. It was found th...
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    Measuring Player's Perceptions of Mobile Games from Gameplay Data -- A Case Study from Mobile Game Offerings from Playlab 

    Pisal Setthawong; Saranpat Thanadsornsarn (2016-01)

    In measuring player’s perception of computer games, there are many approaches that could be utilized. The usage of questionnaires, player observation, abstract models, and other approaches have been utilized over the years in this problem domain. Though the traditional approaches have been used quite effectively, there is room for improvement. Due to better Internet infrastructure, many players are online which allows game developers to develop games that can collect gameplay data. With this gameplay data, it is possible to analyze the gameplay...
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    An Empirical Study of Life Insurance and Macro Economic Indicators 

    Amornrat Pattarakitham; Chainarong Rungruengarporn (2016)

    This study aims to identify macroeconomic factors that can be used to explain the variation in the demand of life insurance among developed, underdeveloped, and emerging countries in 2012. Data of 86 countries were used to conduct cross-sectional multiple regression. Results showed difference in life insurance demand across countries. Variables that explain the variation in 2012 are inflation, GDP growth, and amount of deposits.
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    A Framework of Incorporating Thai Social Networking Data in Online Marketing Survey 

    Nitipan Ratanasawadwat; Rachsuda Jiamthapthaksin; Than Htike Aung (2016)

    With the introduction of high-speed Internet and smartphones at an affordable price range, many Thai citizens possess smartphones and utilize them as part of their daily life activities. The high mobile phones penetration and social networking usage is conductive to new approaches in performing marketing survey. This research proposes a framework that automatically incorporates Thai social networking data with online marketing survey for marketing analysis. In particular, it provides online marketing survey to a respondent, and automatically as...