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    4x4 High-Magnification Image Reconstruction Based on Hybrid of Multi-frame SR Approach and Image Super Resolve Algorithm 

    Vorapoj Patanavijit (2015-11)

    From tremendously soliciting high quality and high resolution images, sundry image reconstruction algorithms have been researched and implemented during the last fifteen years, especially for high-magnification image reconstructions. In this paper, we develop high-magnification image reconstruction based on hybrid of a multi-frame SR approach and an image super resolve algorithm for 4x4 magnifying in resolution. First, a group of polluted low resolution images are amalgamated for 2x2 magnifying in resolution and suppressing the noise in ...
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    Academic Use of Forums in eLearning - Perceptions, Findings and Truths 

    Nagi, Kuldeep (2015-07)

    Forums or threaded discussions are one of the most commonly used tools in online teaching. They provide a facility for asynchronous discussion on a particular topic or issue over an extended period of time. Students enrolled in eLearning courses are able to reflect upon their ideas before sharing them with others. eLearning is gradually becoming an alternate way of study for most young people who prefer to use the Internet, portable devices and digital media. While eLearning offers many advantages, it is often seen as faceless media that ...
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    Adaptive Location Update Schemes for Continuous Cell Zooming Algorithm in Wireless Networks 

    Tun, Khin Cho; Kunagorn Kunavut (2015)

    Continuous cell zooming algorithm is a potential dynamic cell zooming algorithm for energy-efficient operation of mobile wireless networks. In this algorithm, location management strategy (location update process) is required to know the location of the farthest user in each cell to perform cell zooming. However, the application of conventional periodic update scheme in continuous cell zooming algorithm can lead to a high signaling cost. Therefore, in this paper, two adaptive location update schemes, namely, Time-Adaptive Periodic Update ...
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    Airport of Thailand Employees’ Perception in Human-Organizational and Technological Primary BPR Factors and Their Causal Relationships Towards Airport Operational Performance 

    Shompunutt Na Ayudhya, P. (2018-05-25)

    In this research, the author explores the dimensions of Business Process Re-engineering (or BPR) in the context of airport management at Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi airports; AOT’s bangkok-based airports. The data collection is done via the select set of questionnaires given to the airport employees (200 PAX) of key departments, within the 2 main concerns under BPR umbrella; A) “BPR Acceptance,” within it resides the set of variables relating to a.1) Human-related factors, a.2) Organization-related factors and a.3) Emotional responses; and ...
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    Alternating Least Squares with Incremental Learning Bias 

    Aung, Than Htike; Rachsuda Jiamthapthaksin (2015)

    Recommender systems provide personalized suggestions for every individual user in the system. Many recommender systems use collaborative filtering approach in which the system collects and analyzes users' past behaviors, activities or preferences to produce high quality recommendations for the users. Among various collaborative recommendation techniques, model-based approaches are more scalable than memory-based approaches for large scale data sets in spite of large offline computation and difficulty to update the model in real time. In this ...
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    An Alternative Single-Image Super Resolution Framework Employing High Frequency Prediction Using A Robust Huber Rational Function 

    Kornkamol Thakulsukannant; Vorapoj Patanavijit (2015-11)

    In general prospective, SI-SR or Single-Image Super-Resolution, which is one of the most useful algorithms of Super Resolution-Reconstruction (SRR) algorithms, is a mathematical procedure for acquiring a high-resolution image from only one coarse-resolution image, which is usually computed by Digital Image Processing (DIP). Even thought there have been substantially researched during the last decade, Single - Image Super-Resolution for applying on real implementations still keeps throw down the gauntlet. One of the practical Single- Image ...
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    An Alternative SR Spatial Enhancement Based on Adaptive Meridian Filter and GOM Registration for Severe Noisy Blurred Videos 

    Kornkamol Thakulsukanant; Vorapoj Patanavijit (2015-08)

    Commonly, filtering technique and the video registration technique are two main significance factors of a video SR (Super Resolution) enhancement algorithm. First, the classical filtering technique is based on a linear filter such as mean or median filter that are only suitable for noiseless or low power noise. Later, classical video registration techniques are usually based on a simple translation model because of the fast computation and easy implementation thereby this registration has high precision error. To get over both problems, ...
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    Analysis of ASEAN Charter Related to ASEAN DSMs 

    Nattapat Limsiritong (2015-10)

    The Association of Southeast Asia (ASEAN) are recognized as the well-known regional organization in South East Asia regional. As normal as other inter organizations, ASEAN also has its own Dispute Settlement Mechanism (DSM) to handle with the disputes among ASEAN Member States. Since the establishment of ASEAN in the cold war era till the heading to ASEAN Community by the end of 2015, there are many treaties related to DSM such as ASEAN Charter (2007), Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in Southeast Asia (1976, 1987, 1998, 2010), ASEAN Protocol on ...
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    The Antecedents and Consequences of Customer Engagement: An Exploratory Study on Mobile Network Business in Thailand 

    Suchira Phoorithewet; Theingi; Wang, Yunmei; Sikankaew Panthongprasert (2016-01)

    This study explores the antecedents and consequences of customer engagement behavior in the Thai mobile network business. A qualitative research using 15 interviews was conducted to identify the service quality dimensions, customer engagement behaviors and customer loyalty. The respondents’ main concerns were related to technical and functional service quality and their engagement behavior were addressed mostly in offline mode when they interacted with their family, friends and occasionally communicating to the mobile providers. It was found that ...
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    Antecedents and Consequences of Relationship Quality: An Exploratory Study on Hospitals in Thailand 

    Suppasit Sornsri (2015-01)

    The focal construct in this study is the relationship quality between the hospitals and the patients. The previous studies had developed relationship quality dimensions mostly in terms of “want to” aspect and tested their model in various B2B and B2C contexts. However, in several long-term relationships, “ought to” and “have to” aspects of relationship are also important in helping create the relationship longevity in spite of dissatisfaction in the relationship. Very few empirical researches on relationship quality have captured these dimensions. ...
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    Antibacterial Activity of Thai Red Curry Paste in Kang-Kati (Thai Red Curry) Model on Salmonella enterica Typhimurium DT104b 

    Patchanee Yasurin (2013-06)

    Nowadays food safety becomes an international concern. Natural antibacterial is now become very interesting food safety trend. The investigation on the food itself having antibacterial activity becomes more dynamic. Salmonella sp. has been reported its outbreaks recently in different variety of food. Kang-Kati (Thai red curry) is a Thai cultural dish and also worldwide well-known menu. The Thai red curry paste, Thai red curry’s main ingredients, compose of many herbs including Capsicum annuum (Red chili), Cymbopogon citrates (Lemongrass), Alpinia ...
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    The antimicrobial and shelf-life study of vegetable sanitizer from herbal extracts and Acacia concinna(Willd.) D.C’s pod water 

    Patchanee Yasurin (2015-11)

    In the past 3 years, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that there were at least 7 outbreaks in fresh produces, for example; Escherichia coli O121 in raw clover sprouts (2014), E. coli O157:H7 in ready-to-eat salads (2013), and Salmonella Saintpaul in cucumbers (2013). The cleaning of fresh produces is the first step in order to prevent foodborne outbreak. Therefore, this experiment aims to study and develop the shelf life of vegetable sanitizer from Thai herb crude extracts including Cymbopogon citratus (Lemongrass), ...
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    The antimicrobial, antibrowning, and shelf-life study of fruit and vegetable sanitizer from herbal extracts 

    Patchanee Yasurin (2015-09)

    In the past 3 years, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that there were at least 7 outbreaks in fresh produces , for example; Escherichia coli 0121 in raw clover sprouts (2014), E. coli 0157:H7 in ready-to-eat salads (2013), and Salmonella Saintpaul in cucumbers (2013). The cleaning of fresh produces is the first step in order to prevent foodbome outbreak. Therefore, this research was aimed to develop and study the shelf life of fruit and vegetable sanitizer from Thai herb crude extracts including Chili ...
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    Antioxidant activity of Allium tuberosum Rottl. ex Spreng under different extraction methods 

    Patchanee Yasurin; Napatsorn Lawthienchai; Aussama Soontrunnarudrungsri (2015-11)

    The Bang-Phae organic vegetable grower community enterprise group, Ratchaburi province is one of the big Chinese chives (Allium tuberosum Rottl. ex Spreng) grower in Thailand. However, some Chinese chives did not meet standard and were sorted out. The Chinese chives essential oil, which contains many new and known bioactive compounds, is valued product from sorted out Chinese chives. Therefore, this experiment was aimed to study the antioxidant activity of Chinese chive extracts using 17 different extraction conditions (Steam distillation for ...
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    Are social media replacing traditional media in terms of brand equity creation in Thailand? 

    Gaan Muthukan; Kriengsin Prasongsukarn (2015-11)

    In Thailand, companies’ media expenditure is transferred to social media gradually since consumers are habitually online nowadays (Friedrich et al., 2010). Therefore, this research aims to identify the relationship of brand communications towards brand equity. The communications are divided to traditional media and social media. Moreover, for a deeper understanding, social media is separated into firm- created and user-generated social media communication. Additional factors studied are brand awareness, functional brand image, ...
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    Ball On The Plate Model Based on PID Tuning Methods 

    Narong Aphiratsakun; Otaryan, Nane (2016)

    Controller design is one of the important steps during the modelling of various systems, starting with constructing an electric kettle to an aircraft system. To achieve a good controller it is needed to define suitable values for the controller coefficients. This paper describes the research practices of the tuning technique by using MATLAB/Simulink compared with manually PID tuning based on the trial and error process, as well as, PID tuning methods from Ziegler- Nichols and Tyreus-Luyben (closed-loop proportional gain control or P-Control ...
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    Bank Stock Return Sensitivity to Interest Rate Changes in Thailand 

    Sirikarn Jeanchutima; Nopphon Tangjitprom (2015-01)

    Many studies were trying to explain the changes of stock returns by finding the factors impact on a certain market, industry, or stock. Focusing on the financial institution especially commercial bank, there are some research proved that interest rate is one of the crucial factor impact the commercial bank stock returns. Interest rate is the cost and return of money in financial market since commercial bank acts as major financial intermediary; therefore, interest rate is still the majority of its cost and return. In Thai stock market shows ...
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    The Bilateral Denoising Performance Influence of Window, Spatial and Radiometric Variance 

    Vorapoj Patanavijit (2015-08)

    In the research operation of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Digital Image Processing (DIP), one of the most essential obstacles is the image denoise algorithm by the reason of a very large demand of high quality noise-free images therefore there are many image denoise algorithms have been invented in the time of two decades. Bilateral filter is one of the most impressive and feasible algorithms, which is usually applied for denoise propose, but the performance of the Bilateral filter is substantially bank on three parameters: spatial ...
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    A Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Based on User Profile and User Behavior in Online Social Networks 

    Lu, Yang; Gopalakrishnan, Anilkumar Kothalil (2014)

    This paper aims to present and discuss the similarity among users in a social network based on CF (Collaborative Filtering) algorithm and SimRank (Similarity Based on Random Walk) algorithm. The CF algorithm used to predict the relationship between users based on the user rating on items (movies and books) and the user’s profile. The SimRank algorithm calculates the similarity among users through finding the nearest neighbors for each user in the social network. At last, the combination of these two algorithms will be used to get “people ...