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    How online trust influence B2C e-Commerce adoption? An empirical study among Asian online shoppers 

    John, Surej P. (2012-08)

    Though many previous studies has proved the importance of trust from various perspectives, the researches about online consumer’s trust are fragmented in nature and still it need more attention from academics. Lack of consumers trust in online systems is a critical impediment to the success of e-Commerce. Therefore it is important to explore the critical factors that affect the formation of user’s trust in online environments. The main objective of this paper is to analyze the effects of various antecedents of online trust and to predict th...
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    The Impact of Green Advertising on Consumer Purchase Intention of Green Products 

    Bing, Zhu (2012-12)

    Chinese advertising industry has dramatically developed as consumers’ concerns over the impact of environmental degradation on their lives and interests increase, which results in a significant sale of green products. This study aims to explore how green advertising affect consumers purchase intention of green products. The data were collected from 313 consumers in Shanghai, China. The research findings reveal that credibility of claim (β=0.847, p<0.001) and consumer attitude toward green advertising (β=0.65 p<0.05) significantly influence cons...
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    The Impact of Environmental Advertisement, Health Consciousness and Personal Norm on Organic Food Consumption in Shanghai, China 

    Bing, Zhu (2012-06)

    The consumption of organic food has risen due to consumers’ concerns over issues regarding the environmental problems, food safety and health. This study explores the effects of factors (environmental advertisements, health consciousness, and personal norms) on organic food consumption in Shanghai. The data was collected from 400 consumers at 4 Carrefour supermarkets in Shanghai who purchased organic food. All hypotheses were analyzed by SEM (structural equation model). The research outcomes revealed that organic food consumption was positively...
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    The Antecedents and Consequences of Customer Engagement: An Exploratory Study on Mobile Network Business in Thailand 

    Theingi; Suchira Phoorithewet; Wang, Yunmei; Sikankaew Panthongprasert (2016)

    This study explores the antecedents and consequences of customer engagement behavior in the Thai mobile network business. A qualitative research using 15 interviews was conducted to identify the service quality dimensions, customer engagement behaviors and customer loyalty. The respondents’ main concerns were related to technical and functional service quality and their engagement behavior were addressed mostly in offline mode when they interacted with their family, friends and occasionally communicating to the mobile providers. It was found th...
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    Measuring Player's Perceptions of Mobile Games from Gameplay Data -- A Case Study from Mobile Game Offerings from Playlab 

    Pisal Setthawong; Saranpat Thanadsornsarn (2016-01)

    In measuring player’s perception of computer games, there are many approaches that could be utilized. The usage of questionnaires, player observation, abstract models, and other approaches have been utilized over the years in this problem domain. Though the traditional approaches have been used quite effectively, there is room for improvement. Due to better Internet infrastructure, many players are online which allows game developers to develop games that can collect gameplay data. With this gameplay data, it is possible to analyze the gameplay...
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    A Proposed Model on Enchancing Co-Production of Thailand Smartphone Products Using Social Media in Customer Engagement 

    Sakuna Anuvareepong; Panant Krairojananan (2016)

    Consumers daily generated massive information since they got connected in the digital network, and the user-generated content environment using Web 2.0 technology, e.g. social media, whilst firms as the goods producers also utilized social media as an instrument for attempting to connect and create long-term relationship with their customers. This study aimed to propose a model on enhancing co-production of smartphone products using social media in customer engagement. The components of social media activities consisted of endorsing, sharing, s...
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    Export Value on Pineapple Juice of Thailand and Forecasting 

    Suppanunta Romprasert (2013-05-31)
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    Electric Rate Policy Scenario in Thailand 

    Suppanunta Romprasert (2012-12)

    Paper demonstrates an empirical exploration into the welfare impacts of introduction on how possible for the electric rate policy set can be used to present the distribution of electric users’ utility in Thailand through the two scenario analysis comparing. In this case, it is assumed that the electric fee in each province equals to marginal capacity cost in that province. Key benefit contributes to promoted economic and social development. Moreover, paper concludes social welfare under first scenario is made maximize social b...
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    A Longitudinal Study on the Students’ Satisfaction Index 

    Shawyun, Teay; Wichanee Kuptawathin; Krisda Tanchaisak (2012-11)

    This study is a report of an ongoing research project of Assumption University in the attempt to examine the quality of performance offered to the undergraduate students. One dimension of educational quality is the ability to respond to student' needs. This is an important contribution to the overall image of the University. Hence, it is important to track their satisfaction level, in other words, university should examine whether the university could match the expectations of the students, This research project's objective was to compare the e...
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    Quality Assurance Training: Culture or Calamity 

    Shawyun, Teay; Sabico, Shaun Louie (2012-11)

    Pandemics of quality normally call for building a quality culture that ensures quality to be successful. Buildingquality culture, though a key factor of successful quality practices, should be an inherent predisposition of academics, rather than acquired quality culture through training. A key research question is whether training isrelated to a culture that pertains to quality and performance . This paper studies the assessors‘ training in quality assessment, perceived improvements in two main dimensions of knowledge, use of quality system, ...
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    Teacher professional development in Thai universities: EFL teachers' perceptions 

    Sureepong Phothongsunan (2009-10)

    This research looks into the perceptions of forty-five Thai EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teachers serving in both private and public universities in Thailand regarding the need for and the provision and quality of teacher professional development in their universities. According to the teacher development programs offered, all universities served by the participants provide prospects for teachers to have in-service education. However, findings indicate that the process of application and the criteria set for qualified teachers vary, su...