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    The Antecedents and Consequences of Customer Engagement: An Exploratory Study on Mobile Network Business in Thailand 

    Theingi; Suchira Phoorithewet; Wang, Yunmei; Sikankaew Panthongprasert (2016)

    This study explores the antecedents and consequences of customer engagement behavior in the Thai mobile network business. A qualitative research using 15 interviews was conducted to identify the service quality dimensions, customer engagement behaviors and customer loyalty. The respondents’ main concerns were related to technical and functional service quality and their engagement behavior were addressed mostly in offline mode when they interacted with their family, friends and occasionally communicating to the mobile providers. It was found that ...
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    A Proposed Model on Enchancing Co-Production of Thailand Smartphone Products Using Social Media in Customer Engagement 

    Sakuna Anuvareepong; Panant Krairojananan (2016)

    Consumers daily generated massive information since they got connected in the digital network, and the user-generated content environment using Web 2.0 technology, e.g. social media, whilst firms as the goods producers also utilized social media as an instrument for attempting to connect and create long-term relationship with their customers. This study aimed to propose a model on enhancing co-production of smartphone products using social media in customer engagement. The components of social media activities consisted of endorsing, sharing, ...