Factors influencing on intention to use self-service parcel delivery service : an empirical case study of metropolitan and greater Bangkok area

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The Journal of Risk Management and Insurance, Vol. 23 No. 1 (2019), 1-14
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The retail sales of global e-commercearecontinuously growing,and e-commerce has gained a huge sharefromphysical retail over the last decadebecause of the impact of better internet access and technology development. All these makeonline shopping easier and more convenient. However, e-commerce businesses face many problems especiallythe risk of delayeddelivery that is the delivery process that delays the arrival of parcels for the customers. This delay called “Last Mile Problem” has negativeeffects onthe onlineshopping of customers”. Delivery service providers have developed the Self-service Parcel Delivery Serviceto solve the lastmile problem. Self-service parcel delivery Service is popularamong online customers in many countries around the world. Thai delivery service providers have introduced this service for Thai online customers. This research aims to determine thefactors that have influence on intention to use Self-service Parcel Delivery Service in Thailand.This research used the non-probabilitysampling where the respondents wereselected by convenience sampling technique, judgement sampling technique, snowball sampling technique and quota sampling technique.Multiple Linear Regression was used to investigate the impact, relationship, and difference between dependentandindependent variables. In addition, Independent Sample T-Testwasemployed to distinguish the mean differencebetweenintention to use Self-service Parcel Delivery Service among people who live in Bangkok -metropolitan and non -metropolitan. The results from 400 respondents showed that location convenience is the mostinfluential factortoward intention to used Self-service Parcel Delivery Service and that there is no significant mean difference in the intention to use Self-service Parcel Delivery Service among people who live in Bangkok-metropolitanand Non-Bangkok metropolitan.This study offersvaluable theoretical and managerial implications fordelivery service providerstoconcentrateon their marketing strategies and services customization for target customer groups.
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