Influencing factors of entrepreneurial intention among engineering students in Sichuan, China [Full Text] ( Shasha, Yu Charnsid Leelakasemsant 2022-12-15T01:30:23Z 2022-12-15T01:30:23Z 2022
dc.description.abstract Purpose: The purpose of this study is to investigate the key factors that have a significant impact on the entrepreneurial intention of engineering students under the background of the construction of new engineering in Sichuan, China. The conceptual framework proposes Entrepreneurship Education (EE), Personal Attitudes (PA), Perceived Behavioral Control (PBC), Subjective Norms (SN), Entrepreneurial Self-efficacy (ESE), Entrepreneurial Creativity (EC) and Entrepreneurial Intention (EI). Research design, data and methodology: A quantitative research method (N=693) was adopted to issue questionnaires to engineering students in Xihua University. Non-probabilistic sampling technique includes judgmental sampling, stratified random sampling, and convenience sampling. Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and structural equation model (SEM) were used for data analysis and model measurement, including factor loading, reliability, validity and model fit. Results: The results illustrate Entrepreneurship Education (EE) was affected by entrepreneurial self-efficacy (ESE), perceived behavioral control (PBC) and personal attitude (PA). Entrepreneurial self-efficacy (ESE) had an effect on entrepreneurial creativity (EC). Personal attitude (PA) and entrepreneurial creativity (EC) significantly affected entrepreneurial intention (EI). Whereas ESE, PBC and SN did not significant to EI. Conclusions: Out of nine hypotheses, only six were supported to meet the research objectives. Therefore, it is suggested to carry out effective reform of entrepreneurship education in combination with the national construction of new engineering for improving students' entrepreneurial intention and promoting the development of innovation and entrepreneurship in China.
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dc.title Influencing factors of entrepreneurial intention among engineering students in Sichuan, China
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