Potential Z-Fighting Conflict Detection System in 3D Level Design Tools

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dc.contributor.author Pisal Setthawong
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dc.date.issued 2015
dc.description.abstract Z-Fighting is an effect that happens in 3D scenes when two co-planar surfaces share similar values in the z-buffer which leads to flicking and visual artifacts during the rendering process due to conflicting order of rendering the surface. However in 3D level design, scenes created by the tools can be complex, in which level designers can inadvertently place co-planar surfaces that would be susceptible to z-fighting. Level designers typically notice the z-fighting artifact through visual inspection through the usage of a 3D walkthrough test on the scene which is time-consuming and easy to miss. To solve the issue, a proposal of a zfighting detection system for level design tools is proposed to streamline the process of detecting potential hotspots where z-fighting conflicts may occur from co-planar objects. en_US
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dc.identifier.citation International Conference on Information Science and Applications (ICISA 2015), 279-280 en_US
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dc.language.iso eng en_US
dc.rights.holder Pisal Setthawong en_US
dc.subject Z-Fighting en_US
dc.subject Level design tools en_US
dc.subject 3D graphics en_US
dc.subject Computer graphics en_US
dc.subject 3D production pipeline en_US
dc.title Potential Z-Fighting Conflict Detection System in 3D Level Design Tools en_US
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