Digital collage : the cart caravan at Saphansong Fresh Market “(The 2nd bridge market)”

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Research committee, Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts, Assumption University
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The 2nd CA Creative Work Faculty Showcase 2016 "Sufficiency", 48-57
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Back to the year 1967 when the convenience stores and department stores have not yet been extensively placed, a market was established on Soi Ladprao 47 where various kinds of fresh food, veg- etable, and fruit were available for selling. It was also the meeting point of the people living in Ladprao and nearby area with the only reason for supporting the extension of living area for middle-class ones in al- most 50 years ago. At that time, Ladprao was considered the “zone-three” area, lo- cated away from the central city and I, as the one growing up not far from the mar- ket, have been viewing the lives and un- countable memories therein. Nowadays, the name “Saphansong market” or “The 2nd Bridge market” was changed to “Subchanpan market”, derived from the surname of the landlord. How- ever, many people are more familiar with the old name. One thing that I am interested in and would like to present about this market is “the cart caravan”. Apart from its usage as the vehicle for selling things, many of them are the residences for the workers or homeless people. Some are more than 30 years old, parked, and wrecked. Many carts have been applied for the use of the owners too. More than 30 years of impression I have with the living in that area, I have met with the merchants, vagrants, and workers living there. The carts represent them even on the day that they are away and show how they depend on themselves. We can see the creativity, belief, the way these people lives throughout the things displayed on the carts. Sufficiency living and experiences can be seen via that tiny space. This artwork is the combination between imagination and the truth, becoming the ideal cart with three principles under the word “Sufficiency” from the living of market people. They are “Goodness”, “Patience”, and “Tolerance”. I can always feel these three words from the lives in the market and I also would like to present the scent of Thai in the combination era throughout this creative work.
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