Development of a strategic plan to enhance leadership IQ for adminstrators in Silesian schools in Thailand

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Assumption University
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Assumption University. Graduate School of Education
Scholar: AU Graduate School of Education Journal 1, 1 (2009), 47-51
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The purpose of this study was to develop a strategic plan to enhance Leadership IQ for administrators in Silesian schools in Thailand. There were fourteen schools in three types: girls, boys, and co educational, and 219 administrators in three levels: religious, administration staff and department heads. In addition, there were 360 teachers, 449 students, and 236 service-employees involved in this research. Questions (36 scenarios) were used to measure Leadership IQ of administrators based on the eight leadership roles: the selector, the connector, the problem solver, the evaluator, the negotiator, the healer, the protector, and the synergizer. The data was collected by randomly selecting from teachers, students, and service-employees for the best practices. Different statistical methods used in this research were descriptive statistics, ANOVA (F-test), and t-test. The findings were as follows: Most of the administrators at the three levels of leadership IQ Profiles had the role of the connector at a high level, while the other roles were in the middle to lower levels. As for education, all administrative levels had high scores in the role of the connector, and there was no significant difference in Leadership IQ between male and female administrators. Furthermore, after comparing the average of leadership IQs among administrators, the best practices were not significantly different (t = - 0.36, -0.51, -0.89) in any leadership role. The results of the study indicated that most of the administrators had high scores in the leadership role of the connector. However, the other leadership roles should be emphasized and valued as important. Therefore, the strategic plan was developed to enhance the leadership roles of Silesian administrators.
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