Servant leadership transformation in public service: an exploratory case study of behavior change of civil servants at ministry of culture and fine arts of Cambodia

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Bangkok : Assumption University
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26 pages
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ABAC ODI Journal : Vision. Action. Outcome. 10, 1 (October 22-March 23), 109-133
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This is an exploratory case study of the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts of Cambodia. Firstly, it identifies problems to understand the characteristics of civil servants, change resistance and their characteristics of Servant Leadership, while suggesting ways to develop civil servants’ commitment towards changes and the impact of organization development intervention on servant leadership dimensions: empowerment, accountability, standing back, courage, authenticity, humility, forgiveness and stewardship. Secondly, behavioral changes of civil servants were measured using ODI. The study uses the Servant Leadership Model by van Dierendonck and Nuijten (2011) for conceptualization of behavioral changes. Research instruments employed both qualitative and quantitative methods to test the hypotheses at the pre- and post-ODI stages. Servant Leadership was the dependent variable tested. Self-interest and Servant Attitude are independent variables that measured the effects on the Servant Leadership characteristics. The study sample consisted of civil servants (n=70). Quantitative data were analyzed by paired sample t-test and multiple regression. Content analysis was used for qualitative data obtained from interviews. The research findings revealed the civil servant problems and public administration bureaucracy problems that influence behavior and attitude of civil servant. Recommendations for changes included (i) change of “I” vs. “Them” attitudes and behaviors and (ii) cultural change from administrator to service provider. Recommendations are to extend the ODI to test whether multiple ODI periods have effects on the hypotheses tested in the study on self-interest and servant attitude.
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