Teaching philosophy and the Buddhist way of learning

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dc.description Teaching philosophy in the Buddhist context starts with teaching students know how to listen to other people and read scriptures and texts. In Buddhist terms, students will be taught how to listen to Saddhamma or doctrines. Then students will learn how to have dialogue especially with Kalyanamitta or good friends and scholars. Then they will be taught how to think critically or Yonisomanasikara. Last, but not least, they will be taught how to act properly through Trisikkha (the Threefold Training), namely, Adhisila-sikkha (training in higher morality), Adhicitta-sikkha (training in higher mentality), and Adhipacca-sikkha (training in higher wisdom). According to the Buddhist context, love of wisdom (philosophy) and wisdom of love (religion) need to come together hand in hand. In other word, philosophy and religion are always interrelated or interdependent. Thus teaching or doing philosophy is always expected to come together with doing religion.
dc.description.abstract The Buddhist way of learning is composed of four natural stages: listening, speaking, thinking, and doing. These four stages lead to three kinds of wisdom: (1) Sutamaya-pacca, wisdom resulting from listening to others, (2) Cintamaya-pacca, wisdom resulting from one's own reflection, and (3) Bhavanamaya-pacca, wisdom resulting from doing or practice. Teaching philosophy according to the Buddhist context, therefore, will begin with "love of wisdom" and end with "wisdom of love" en_US
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dc.title Teaching philosophy and the Buddhist way of learning en_US
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