Influencing factors of artistic postgraduates' behavior of comprehensive materials art creation in Chengdu

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Bangkok : Assumption University Press
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AU-eJournal of Interdisciplinary Research (AU-eJIR), Volume 7, No. 2 (2022), 81-97
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This study explores the factors influencing the artistic creation behavior of comprehensive materials among postgraduate students majoring in art in Chengdu, China. This paper assumes that students' final creative behavior is determined by Perceived Usefulness (PU), Perceived Ease of Use (PEOU), Social Influences (SI), Subjective Norms (SN), Attitude Toward Using (ATU), and Behavioral Intention (BI). The determinants of this study are taken from three core theories; namely, planned behavior Theory (TPB), Technology acceptance model (TAM) and flow theory. The researchers used quantitative methods for the analysis and used judgmental and quota sampling as a convenient sampling tool to identified 500 data of the postgraduates at five target universities. In this paper, structural equation model (SEM) and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) are used to analyze the model fitting, the reliability and validity of variables to ensure the rationality of the hypothesis. The preliminary results show that attitude toward using has the strongest positive and significant influence on behavioral intention, followed by social influence and subject norms. The direct relationship between perceived ease of use and behavioral intention is not significant while the results show that perceived usefulness has a great influence on individual's attitude toward the use of comprehensive materials. Finally, behavioral intention determines the actual behavior of using comprehensive materials by art majors in Chengdu, China. Analysis results show that the comprehensive material widely used in the artistic creation of students, weather students use comprehensive materials to create was mainly affected by PU and SN, in addition, social influence, attitude toward using and behavior intention in different extent, also affect the use of the behavior, so the professional art universities should attach importance to the comprehensive materials course education settings, and improve students' effective cognition of comprehensive materials art.
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