A Study of Teacher’s Competency for Conducting a Professional Development Program at a Catholic School in Thailand Using the Southeast Asia Teachers Competency Framework

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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Nakhon Phanom University
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การศึกษาสมรรถนะของครูเพื่อจัดโครงการพัฒนาวิชาชีพ ณ โรงเรียนคาทอลิกในประเทศไทย โดยใช้กรอบสมรรถนะของครูแห่งเอเชียตะวันออกเฉียงใต้
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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Nakhon Phanom University: Vol. 13 No. 3 (2023), 19-34
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This research aimed to study the competency of teachers at a Catholic school in Thailand using Southeast Asia Teachers Competency Framework (SEA-TCF) as regional standardize measurement. The research divided into 2 phases: to investigate the level of teachers’ competency according to the framework, and to conduct the professional development program for improving the teachers’ competency. The sample group of the study consisted of 179 Thai and foreign teachers. The instrument used for data collecting was the Self-Rating Competency Checklist. The Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) was used to construct the instrument quality. The over al reliability was at Cronbach's a of .942. The research results showed the level of teachers' competency in 4 aspects from the highest to the lowest respectively: becoming a better teacher every day (= 3.26), support and help students to learn (= 3.04), the community was engaged (= 2.99), and know and understand what to teach (= 2.92). The average of the 4 groups of competency was at the level that the teachers are able to do very well’ (= 3.05). In the second phase was a professional development program which conducted according to the result that found that the level of teachers’ competency need improvement. The result from testing pre and post-activity using a paired samples t-test found that the score was significantly different: pre-activity (= 2.17, S.D. = .88) and post-activity (= 3.88, S.D. = .61) when t(159) =-32.94, p=.00. This showed that the Self-Rating Competency Checklist using the SEA-TCF was a helpful tools for identifying areas of teacher improvement so the school can provided suitable professional development activities and can also create a collaboration and knowledge sharing between teachers and school staff
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