Notebook : a Journey in Freytag’s Pyramid Yossapol Chutipanyabut 2018-11-26T03:58:21Z 2018-11-26T03:58:21Z 2016
dc.description In 1863, Gustav Freytag analyzed Aristotle’s theory of tragedy and found patterns that classic novels had in com- mon, which were 1) Exposition: the set up of the story, 2) Inciting Incident: the first conflict that riggers the story intensity, 3) Rising Action: the conflict gets more omplicated, 4) Climax: the highest tension of the story, 5) Falling Action: the conflict unraveled, 6) Resolution: the problem solved, and 7) Dénouement: what happens after the problem has been solved. This theory is ater known as Freytag’s Pyramid. ef/fiction/freytag.html). These plot points appear in classic tories for the likes of The Great Gatsby nd Romeo and Juliet. Every creative writ- ng student must learn this structure as the undamental of the story dramatic struc- ure. But is the structure applicable with ontemporary stories? Hence, the author would like to challenge if theory can be told in a form of fictional story. Does the classic structure work with contemporary short stories? Does it work if the ‘dead or alive’ of the protagonist that usually be the climax start in the beginning and having multiple climaxes? en_US
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dc.identifier.citation The 2nd CA Creative Work Faculty Showcase 2016 "Sufficiency", 122-124 en_US
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dc.subject Sufficiency 2016 en_US
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