Factors affecting purchase intention of air purifier as green product among consumers during the air pollution crisis

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dc.contributor.author Aditya Kapoor
dc.contributor.author Chompu Nuangjamnong
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dc.date.issued 2021
dc.description.abstract The purpose of this study is to determine the awareness of people towards air purifiers during the pollution crisis in Bangkok. In addition, it is important for people in Bangkok to breathe good air as recently, the air is getting worse and so this would affect the lungs of young children and old people living at homes and may cause certain diseases. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to spread the awareness of purifier so that PM Level in Bangkok gets better and people can live a healthy lifestyle. The sample (400 respondents) was collected from online questionnaires by using convenience sampling technique and snowball sampling technique. The data were analyzed by using simple linear regression and multiple linear regression to confirm the hypotheses testing. The results revealed perceived consumer effectiveness, environmental consciousness, and environmental attitude have a significant effect on air purifier purchase intention. Meanwhile, on the other framework environmental knowledge and environmental consciousness are both significant for having an environmental attitude. The researchers’ study also stated that few people do not know about the air purifier. The findings of this study showed that all variables (perceived consumer effectiveness, environmental consciousness, and environmental attitude) have significant influences on purchase intention of air purifier as a green product. This study helps to increase the awareness of air purifiers among consumers as some of them do not really know the advantages of keeping the air purifier and how the air purifier acts as a green product in protecting the environment.
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dc.title Factors affecting purchase intention of air purifier as green product among consumers during the air pollution crisis
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