Keep it simple: a relentless business strategy in a world of complexity the XYZ corporate story in brief [Full Text] ( Barnes, John 2020-03-05T07:59:13Z 2020-03-05T07:59:13Z 2019
dc.description.abstract The objective of this study is to demonstrate how XYZ Corporation has perfected the art of achieving simplicity in its business strategy within a complex business world in order to achieve market dominance in their field of carbonated cola-based beverages. This study achieves that aim by reviewing a selection of company historical records available in the public domain and a critical study by Elmore (2015) which identifies, that contrary to popular belief, XYZ Corporation only makes one core product i.e. XYZ concentrate and even the components of that concentrate come from other sources. The corporation blends the components of the concentrate at a small number of regional concentrate sites and then distributes the concentrate globally; to bottlers who provide the water; the sweeteners, the gas (or fizz) ; the bottling/canning, warehousing; distribution and promotional components for the finished product. The company has a long history and research by outsiders is discouraged, so some citations and associated references are dated. en_US
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dc.title Keep it simple: a relentless business strategy in a world of complexity the XYZ corporate story in brief en_US
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