Analysis on influencing factors of art application behavior of comprehensive materials among art undergraduates in Chengdu Colleges [Full Text] ( Zhang, Xueyong 2022-12-15T03:38:10Z 2022-12-15T03:38:10Z 2022
dc.description.abstract Purpose: The purpose of this investigation was to explain the affecting factors of the undergraduate students in art major using comprehensive materials for creation in Chengdu. Perceived Usefulness, Perceived Ease of Use, Social Influences, Subjective Norms, Attitude Toward Using, Behavioral Intention, all these six variables have a direct or indirect effect on Behavior, the ultimate goal of the study, so the framework of this study consists of the above 7 variables. Research design, data and methodology: The determinants of the study are adapted from three core theories, namely, theory of planned behavior (TPB), technology acceptance model (TAM) and flow theory. The questionnaire was used as a tool to collect quantitative data. The researcher selected 900 students from five universities in Chengdu to conduct a questionnaire survey. Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and the structural equation model (SEM)was used to measure and test the questionnaire data. Results: The results of this paper show that perceived usefulness is the direct factor that affects art majors' attitude toward using comprehensive materials, while perceived ease of use has no significant impact on it. Among other factors, students’ attitude toward using comprehensive materials has been proved to have impact on behavioral intention, and social influence and subjective norms have a significant impact on students' behavioral intention of using comprehensive materials, and behavioral intention directly affects the final behavior. Conclusions: The data shows that the artistic creation of comprehensive materials is widely applied in colleges and universities. Students' use of comprehensive materials is mainly influenced by the perceived usefulness of it, and students’ attitude toward using, behavioral intention are the biggest factors influencing their final behavior.
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dc.title Analysis on influencing factors of art application behavior of comprehensive materials among art undergraduates in Chengdu Colleges
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