The Au nursing instructors’ and staffs’ satisfaction toward Faculty Management System in Academic Year 2005

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The research on Au Nursing Instructors’ and Staffs’ Satisfaction toward Faculty Management System in academic year 2005 had three objectives including explored the satisfaction levels of faculty members and staffs toward management system, and explained the satisfaction levels of faculty members and staffs toward administrators’ leadership, and organizational culture and atmosphere. The population was 16 of faculty members and 3 staffs who worked in Faculty of Nursing Science in academic year 2005 and most of them familiar with the new organization structure. The instructors who have been leave for further studies and the new comers who didn’t pass probation were not included in the process of data collection. Data were collected by using questionnaire and analyzed by SPSS version 14.0 for descriptive statistics. The level of satisfaction among faculty members showed that they were satisfied and very satisfied toward management system and the range of means for each items were 2.94-3.56 out of 4. For the part of administrators’ leadership, faculty members were very satisfied with Dean’s leadership in all aspects including the open-mindedness, consultation, decision-making, problem solving ability, role model, participatory leadership, and academic and professional attribute. The mean varied from 3.56-3.88. As same as all staffs, faculty members were satisfied and very satisfied toward Dean’s leadership with mean average from 3.00-4.00. For head divisions’ leadership, faculty members were very satisfied with their open-mindedness, consultation, problem solving ability, and role model. In part of organizational culture and atmosphere, all aspects were rated in the level of satisfy including Faculty unity, communication among faculty members, incentive and remuneration, and Faculty tradition and culture. The means were vary from 3.13-3.69. This same category, all staffs were also rated satisfied with communication between Dean and them; communication among staffs, and Faculty tradition and culture with means vary from 2.67-4.00.
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