STEM: a study in the schools of Dubai, UAE Varughese Kizhakkacharuvil John Manoj Mechankara Varghese 2018-09-26T03:22:48Z 2018-09-26T03:22:48Z 2018-09-24
dc.description.abstract Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) is a mode of education to mold scientists, engineers, and technocrats to mitigate the challenges of the 21st century. The STEM curriculum has been designed for school education (K-12) to cultivate the habit of critical thinking and problem solving from childhood. This study has been conducted in the STEM schools of Dubai, UAE to determine the interest of students in pursuing STEM education and STEM career. Also, the effectiveness of teaching and efficiency of teachers have been assessed. The overall results of the study proved that STEM students in Dubai schools have a genuine interest in the subjects and the Schools are providing a nurturing environment for STEM education. However, the lack of teachers’ commitment to the delivery of topics in the classroom is to be tackled by appropriate measures. en_US
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dc.identifier.citation John, V.K., & Varghese, M.M. (2018). STEM: a study in the schools of Duabi, UAE. Proceedings - 8th Annual International Conference on Education and e-Learning (EeL 2018) (pp. 36-42). Singapore: GSTF. doi. 10.5176/2251-1814_EeL18.121 en_US
dc.identifier.issn 2251-1814
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dc.publisher 8th Annual International Conference on Education & e-Learning (EeL 2018), GSTF, ISSN 2251-1814, doi: 10.5176/2251-1814_EeL18.121 en_US
dc.rights This work is protected by copyright. Reproduction or distribution of the work in any format is prohibited without written permission of the copyright owner. en_US
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dc.title STEM: a study in the schools of Dubai, UAE en_US
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