The academic rating criteria for knowledge web-based in Thailand

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Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 151:1051-1060
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With rapidly growth of the Information Technology (IT), the original aim of the words ‘‘Ranking’’ was to promote Web publication, not only to rank institutions and organizations. By supporting public open access initiatives, electronic accesses to scientific publications and to other academic materials are primary targets. The result for these reasons, the number of web publication in Thailand has been increasing in each year. The main behavior of most people in cyber world, they prefer to search information before deciding to do something, especially in a part of people in academic areas and business professionals. Searching information and reading information from websites may create a strong and reliable research, academic reports, and making potential documents for business organizations. In order to have some confidences of the contexts in the websites that they can apply and analyze into the business reports, the reliable sources of information may be required a standard ranking. With fully reliable web contents, they can provide the real benefits in terms of money, and reputation for those contexts. However, trustee, reliability and confidence come from several conditions. In academic institutions, most students and instructors refer to specific contexts from the available websites that they can do the reports or create some class materials. Hence, the reliability of websites is very important which it may let others believe in the reports or academic papers. This may assist students and instructors to improve their studies and research. This research mainly studied, analyzed and mapped the rating criteria which related to the trust of information on available websites. The target data was gathered from the lecturers of both private and public universities in Thailand via a survey online. In order to precisely understand the weighting of criteria, the rating criteria scale and weighting for each of criteria, the focusing groups in discussion about web publication criteria, and other conditions and factors concerned will be investigated. Giving such opinions of the expertise of the Internet Service Provider (ISP), students, lecturers and the Government Agency may be included as recommendations and further study.
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