Framework of quality assurance in American higher education-an overview [Full Text] ( Nagi, Kuldeep 2018-09-27T05:44:15Z 2018-09-27T05:44:15Z 2015
dc.description.abstract One of the hallmarks of the American higher education has been its quality. In U.S.A colleges and universities are under constant pressure to strive to make their programs career oriented so as to meet the changing needs of the industry and the society. The accreditation process of colleges and universities in U.S.A is non-governmental operation. As a result colleges and universities fiercely compete in the market of higher education. Institutional autonomy allows them to changing their curriculum to inculcate and incubate entrepreneurial culture through their various programs. It is no accident that many American universities dominate the World University Rankings. There is lot of discourse in academia that an educated workforce is essential for a prosperous and sustainable economy. This has lead to heightened policy interest in higher education in American universities. This paper uses variety resources, data and facts to discuss accreditation process in U.S.A. The main focus of this paper is to explore models of accreditation being used in U.S.A and how they can be useful for other countries. en_US
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dc.title Framework of quality assurance in American higher education-an overview en_US
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