Process thought and harmony Warayuth Sriwarakuel 2016-10-27T06:41:43Z 2016-10-27T06:41:43Z 2011
dc.description The present world is filled with a variety of serious problems: economic, social, moral, political, and ecological. To solve these problems, we need to have approapriate attitudes, proper viewpoints, and appropriate ways of thinking. The either/or logic is not wrong, but we need to recognize its limits. To solve the problems of chaos, disharmony, and conflict, it seems to me that the logic of both/and works better in the sense that it can help overcome all kinds of discriminations such as the discrimination between Jews and gentiles, Christians and pagans, and Muslims and non-Muslims.
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dc.identifier.citation Philosophy in the Age of Religious and Cultural Pluralism en_US
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dc.subject Process thought
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dc.subject Postmodernism
dc.title Process thought and harmony en_US
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