AU GSB: Vol. 13, No. 2 (December 2020)

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    The psychological contract and Graduate student advising
    (Assumption University Press, 2020) Poonpilas Asavisanu ; Watana Vinitwatanakhun
    Changes in higher education in Thailand have necessitated that higher education institutions compete for funding and students. Thus, it has become imperative that universities find ways to stay viable. Trends are pointing to a need for higher education providers to expand their focus to different groups of students such as graduate students and the reskilling of older students. Although graduate students may make up a smaller portion of the student numbers, research into areas that address graduate studentexpectations and satisfaction have potential benefit. As training of graduate students typically involves having them conduct research under the supervision of an advisor, and as this relationship has been said to be one of the most crucial aspects in graduate students’satisfaction with their programs and decisions to leave;study of this relationship dynamic by using the psychological contract theory as a framework may yield useful information applicable to improve the policy and training of graduate student programs. The purpose of this article is threefold: 1) it will introduce the concept of the psychological contract; 2) it will presentthe concept of the psychological contract asa valid perspective for viewing graduate students’expectations in regard toadvising, and 3) it will put forth suggestions for future research on graduate student advising in the hopes that research in this area will contribute to graduate student satisfaction.
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    Factors impacting on online purchasing behaviour toward consumers in Bangkok, Thailand
    (Assumption University Press, 2020) Kitti Photikitti
    This research aimed to analyzethe factors that affect online purchasing behavior of consumers who live in Bangkok, Thailand. The variables that have been used in this study framework were perceived risks, perceived advantages, hedonic motivations, trust and security, and website content. The questionnaire was conducted and selected from 407 respondents in Bangkok area only by using non-probability sampling method as convenience and snowball sampling. The main method used to apply for this research are multiple linear regression which shows that website design and content is the most impacted factor toward consumers’ online shopping behavior. Thus, it showed that design and content of website towards online merchandise are the most important in determining online purchasing behavior of Bangkok consumers.Thefinding suggestedthat by enhancingthe consumer purchasingintentions, the online stores should rather focus on website design and content factors than address reliability and trust issues.
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    Factors affecting purchase intention toward almond milk: a case study of Thai experienced and inexperienced consumers
    The healthy trend has been grownrapidly in Thailandmarketsince a few years ago. There are many kindsof healthy products which provided to the consumers. Also,almond milk is one of a new face to themarket.The objective of study this research is to examinethe factor of affecting Thai people’spurchase intentiontoward almond milk. The researcher used an online and offline survey to develop and distributequestionnaires to the sample of theThai population. The target populations wereboth Thai people who ever purchased andnever purchase almond milkbefore. Theresearcher reachedthe data 386respondents by conductingthesimplelinear regression, the multiple linear regressionand independent sample t-test toanalyze the hypotheses. The results showedthat health consciousness and environmental attitudehave a positive influence onattitude toward almond milkin the first model. Thesecond model, the result showedattitude toward almond milk alsohasa positive influence to purchase intention. Furthermore, the result of the independent sample t-test wassignificant between people who ever purchased and people who never purchasefor attitude toward almond milk in the third model. But, the result of the independent sample t-test was no significantdifferent in purchase intention between people who ever purchased and people who never purchasealmond milk before in the last model.
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    Factors influencing customer attitude and behavioral intention towards consuming dietary supplements
    (Assumption University Press, 2020) Krisana Kitcharoen ; Rawin Vongurai
    The purpose of this study isto determine the key aspects that influence customer attitude towardsdietary supplement andtheirbehavioral intention to consume dietary supplements. The theory of planned behavior (TPB) is studied as thetheoretical framework for this study with small adjustment to derive theconceptual framework.The sample data (n=402) were collected through online questionnaire using google forms. The researcherused convenience sampling method to pick therespondents. The data were analyzed through Structural equation model (SEM)to derive model fit and test thehypotheses.From all the factors in the TPB model, Informational influence (Subjective norm) andPerceivedbehavioral control did not have a significant influence on attitude and behavioral intention of the consumer of dietary supplements. Attitude is the strongest influence in shaping behavioral intention of a consumer. However even though normative influence (Subjective norm) isn’t directly significant towards behavioral intention, it doeshave some indirect effect.The findings of the researchshowedthat attitude about dietary supplements has the strongest influence toward behavioral intention. However even if Normative influence didn’t have a significant direct influence,it did have an indirect effect as normative influence is the strongest and only factor that influences their attitude. Hence when promotingdietarysupplementcompaniesshould focus onbuilding a strong and positive attitude about their product through favorable normative influence.This studyuses TPBto investigate factors influencing Behavioral intentionto consume dietary supplements in Bangkok, Thailand.
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    Online marketing communication potential priorities for Chinese Gen X and Gen Y Purchasing Thailand Condominium
    The purpose of this study is to identify the aspects of online marketing communication potential priorities for Gen X and Gen Y Chinese purchasing Condominiums in Thailand. During covid-19, most of the companies try to find a way of online marketing communication potential priorities to attract potential clients. Online marketing communications are moving towards connections between individual users and customers, rather than being delivered to millions of consumers through a marketing agency. Anyone now can just become as effective in communicating information of an entity, both from the positive and negative aspects, rather than a larger company advertising by itself. Furthermore, online marketing contact is important to develop the brand and create marketing plan in future for a company. The sample (n = 450) was gathered by using convenient sampling techniques via distributing online questionnaires. The data were analyzed by using Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) and Structural Equation Model (SEM) to confirm the goodness of fit of the model and hypotheses testing. The study analyzed that there isno significance of online relationship communication, online interactive communication, methods for prioritization of OMC for future potential of OMC. However online advertising, online public relations, mobile communication, prioritization of OMC have significant direct or indirect effect on future potential of OMC. The findings illustrated that online advertising that includes online display advertisement, banners or video advertising, Search engine advertising, and online application and optimizing the online public relationship can drive customers to purchase condominiums in Thailand. The results of this research do not completely represent all customers who have intentions to purchase condominiums in Thailand, and the research factors do not cover all possible variables. The study have shown the importance of online marketing communication priorities for real estate companies and help businesses to develop online marketing communication approaches in their decision making process. The study represents original findings to investigate and examine the influences on online marketing communication potential priorities for Chinese Gen X and Gen Y customers purchasing condominiums in Thailand, and thus adding in to a green field of lacking in theory as well as concrete instructions.