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    STEM and Online Literacy Programs in Schools of Dubai, U.A.E. - An Enquiry
    The main purpose of education is to build a progressive society. A progressive society is the one where development of each individual leads to the collective well-being and welfare. In every society, language is the most essential tool for imparting knowledge. Modern knowledge is deeply rooted in the scientific inventions, discoveries and technological innovations of the 20th century. Hence proficiency in English is a key for the acquisition of modern knowledge. The school education system in Dubai, UAE has been focusing on these two aspects to make their country an education hub. Dubai is a unique cross-section of the globe where different nationalities and races co-exist for employment, business, education, hi-fi life, living and enjoyment. This book is a collection of two studies conducted in the Schools of Dubai- the first study is about the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education and the second study is about the improving English reading skills of L2 students. Good STEM education is essential for preparing scientists, engineers, and technocrats to meet the challenges of the 21st century. The first study has been conducted in the schools of Dubai to determine the interest of students in pursuing STEM education and career. The results of this study indicate that students in Dubai schools have a genuine interest in STEM. However, the lack of teachers’ commitment to the delivery of appropriate STEM topics needs to be tackled by appropriate measures. The objective of the second study is to develop a conceptual framework for testing the efficacy of an online reading tool, namely, ‘Literacy Pro’ developed by Scholastic Corporation in the USA. The conceptual framework also measures the impact of students’ performance in international English proficiency exams, such as PISA, PIRLS, TIMSS, and ASSET after they have participated in the online ‘Literacy Pro’ program. This study indicates that ‘at-risk’ students can benefit from additional online instructions or interventions.
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