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dc.contributor.authorTatsaporn Todhanakasem
dc.contributor.authorRashmi Tiwari
dc.identifier.citationKKU Research Journal 22(1) (June 2016): 168 - 175en_US
dc.description.abstractZymomonas mobilis biofilm have been proposed to enhance the bioethanol production from agricultural derived materials. Z. mobilis biofilm reactor has been prospected to be used for a large scale bioethanol production. The cost effective carrier for Z. mobilis biofilm reactor was searched. This study investigated the biofilm forming abilities of Z. mobilisstrain TISTR 551 and ZM4 on biotic (loofah and corn silk) or abiotic carriers (flatted sheet polyvinyl chloride, PVC). Biofilm formation was visualized for 3 consecutive days under the bright-field microscope. Only Z. mobilis TISTR551 represented the biofilm forming ability on corn silk under the microscopic observation, while no biofilm formation on loofah and PVC was observed. The mature biofilm was developed on day 3. The biofilm formation was also quantitatively analyzed based on the weight differentiation of the carrier and the carrier with the bacterial attachment. The net biomass weight of TISTR 551 and ZM4 on corn silk carrier was 0.6 ±0.1 g and 0.33± 0.1g respectively. Therefore, corn silk illustrates its potential to be used as a cost effective biocarrier for Z. mobilis biofilm.
dc.format.extent8 pagesen_US
dc.subjectZymomonas mobilis
dc.titleZymomonas mobilis biofilm formation on different types of carriersen_US
dc.rights.holderTatsaporn Todhanakasemen_US
dc.rights.holderRashmi Tiwarien_US
mods.genreArticleen_US[Full Text] (

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