Recent Submissions

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    Behavior of thyristor switched capacitive load part 2. experimental analysis 

    Panthala, Seshanna (Assumption University, 1999)
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    A reconsideration of the architecture of curvilinearity 

    Satanan Chanowanna (Assumption University, 1999)
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    Analysis of two new fuzzy relational products for information processing 

    Pratit Santiprabhob; Kitikorn Dowpiset, jt. auth. (Assumption University, 1999)
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    Degree constrained maximal trees in a graph 

    Aung, Min; Kyaw, Aun, jt. auth. (Assumption University, 1999)
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    A methodology for intrusion prevention system 

    Phanthip Temcharoen; Chanintorn Jittawiriyanukoo, jt. auth. (Assumption University, 1999)