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    STEM and Online Literacy Programs in Schools of Dubai, U.A.E. - An Enquiry 

    Varughese Kizhakkacharuvil John; Manoj M. Varghese; Sheeba Jojo (Eliva Press, 2021-02-17)

    The main purpose of education is to build a progressive society. A progressive society is the one where development of each individual leads to the collective well-being and welfare. In every society, language is the most essential tool for imparting knowledge. Modern knowledge is deeply rooted in the scientific inventions, discoveries and technological innovations of the 20th century. Hence proficiency in English is a key for the acquisition of modern knowledge. The school education system in Dubai, UAE has been focusing on these two aspects...
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    Self-talk strategies for cultural competency for international education leaders 

    Blackmon, Janat R. (Bangkok : Assumption University, 2020)
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    Georg Simmel's philosophy of money; an application to bitcoin 

    Siwitra Chainiyom (Bangkok : Assumption University, 2020)
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    MSME’s Students from the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management Met Tourism Industry Leaders 

    Assumption University. Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics (2021-02-09)
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    Measuring Efficacy of an Online Reading Literacy Program in English- A New Conceptual Framework 

    Sheeba Jojo (Language Acquisition eJournal, 2021-02-01)

    The objective of this study is to develop a conceptual framework for testing the efficacy of an online reading program, namely, ‘Literacy Pro’ which was developed by Scholastic Corporation in the US to improve the English reading and comprehension skill of students. The conceptual framework that is developed will also measure the impact of students’ performance in international English proficiency exams, such as PISA, PIRLS, TIMSS, and ASSET after they have participated in the online reading literacy program. It is the accurate and timely ident...
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    Game-Changing: Business Strategies under Pandemic Situation 

    Assumption University. Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics (2021-01-29)
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    Gallic acid content in taiwanese teas at different degrees of fermentation and its antioxidant activity by inhibiting PKCδ activation: in vitro and in silico studies 

    Teeradate Kongpichitchoke; Chiu, Ming-Tzu; Huang, Tzou-Chi; Hsu, Jue-Liang (2016)

    Teas can be classified according to their degree of fermentation, which has been reported to affect both the bioactive components in the teas and their antioxidative activity. In this study, four kinds of commercial Taiwanese tea at different degrees of fermentation, which include green (non-fermented), oolong (semi-fermented), black (fully fermented), and Pu-erh (post-fermented) tea, were profiled for catechin levels by using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The result indicated that the gallic acid content in tea was directly pr...
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    The antecedents and consequences of conspicuous consumption of luxury fashion goods in a social media platform 

    Wanwisa Charoennan; Huang, Kai-Ping (2018)

    The purpose of this study was to examine the influences of social media usage, key opinion leaders (KOLs), self-image congruency, and materialism on conspicuous consumption, as well as how conspicuous consumption had an impact on happiness with a purchase and satisfaction with luxury fashion products in a social media platform. The literature review suggested that conspicuous consumption was accelerated over a social media platform and by the role of KOLs because they promoted the favorable self-expression through a product consumption that exh...
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    An exploratory study of consumers' attitudes towards ASEAN economic integration 

    Panjarat Phumpradab; Amonrat Thoumrungroje (2013)

    This research explores and compares the attitudes towards ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) between Thai and Singaporean citizens. Self-administered questionnaires were used to collect survey data of which 1,462 Thai and 647 Singaporean respondents are usable in this study. The result shows that there is a significant difference in the level of attitudes in supporting AEC between Thais and Singaporeans. By using Univariate ANOVA, we found that age, education, news consumption frequency and most watched TV program explain the differences in the lev...
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    Developing an improvement plan for organizational leadership, management functions, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills for a government ministry 

    Da Silva, Elisa Maria; Sirichai Preudhikulpradab; Fernando, Maria Socorro (2020)

    This study examined the current conditions of the Civil Service Commission of Timor-Leste in terms of the organizational leadership, management functions, and interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and proposed an improvement plan to enhance the four variables. Data were collected using structured questionnaires and interviews. Thirty-five participants completed the questionnaires, of which six participants were interviewed based on purposive sampling. The interview transcript was validated by three coders; the responses from the structured que...
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    Appreciative inquiry : A positive approach to organizational planning and learning 

    Fernando, Maria Socorro Cristina L. (2010)

    The primary purpose of the study is to open a new possibility in the planning process of the Technology Centers using Appreciative Inquiry in designing the future directions through the creation of the Development Plan. The discoveries articulated through themes drawn from the use of AI approach as planning process are valuable to support the various applications of AI in organization development. This study uses purposive sampling in identifying the participants who represented the stakeholders of the Technology Centers. The focus group (15-25...
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    Navigating through the first wave of change: a synthesis of the action research dissertations of the PhD OD cohorts 1-5 Graduate School of Business, Assumption University, Thailand 

    Fernando, Maria Socorro Cristina L.; Tayko, Perla Rizalina M. (2014)

    The study focuses on forty three (43) dissertations done by the graduates of the Doctor of Philosophy in Organization Development (PhDOD) from the Graduate School of Business, Assumption University of Thailand, Hua Mak Campus. It is the objective of this article to present a perspective of what has been accomplished by the first five cohorts of graduates in their OD action research so that their work will serve as a reference for other MMOD/PhDOD related studies and MMOD/ PhDOD of students in the program as well as LEMS (leaders/executives/mana...
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    The Renewal of Temporary Vows of Sr. Pierina Mu Mee Mee 

    Assumption University. Graduate programs of English Language Teaching (Human Sciences) (2021-02-01)
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    Leadership with heart in the Asian context: lessons from the field 

    Fernando, Marissa; Sirichai Preudhikulpradab (2011)

    This article presents Leadership with Heart, specifically from the context of two Southeast Asian countries, the Philippines and Thailand. Insights were sought from leaders and managers of these participating countries through an on-line questionnaire using open-ended questions. The questions dealt with two main inquiries: 1) Describe what leadership with heart is to you? and 2) How is leadership with heart experienced by you? Based on the contents analysis of collective insights, there are both similarities and differences in terms of its trai...
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    A study on factors impacting consumers' intention to use on-demand food delivery applications in Bangkok, Thailand 

    Dinesh Elango; Kitikorn Dowpiset; Jirachaya Chantawaranurak (2019)

    The purpose of this paper is to investigate the factors impacting on behavioral intention to use On-demand food delivery application in Bangkok, Thailand.Design/methodology/approach – A survey of 392 users of On-demand food delivery applications was conducted in Bangkok, Thailand through an online questionnaire using convenience and snowball sampling techniques. Multiple linear regression (MLR) was used to test research hypotheses.Findings – The results indicated that Personal innovativeness (PI) and Perceived Self-efficacy (PSE) have significa...
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    Measurement and evaluation of e-service quality dimension on customer satisfaction and brand loyalty towards online travel agency 

    Ahmed, Nahian; Kitikorn Dowpiset; Sirion Chaipoopirutana (2018)

    The continuous development of the Internet has facilitated businesses to enter into online web services. How businesses can utilize this growing business opportunity and can survive stiff competition is one of the important factors to be considered. Based on E-service quality dimensions, this study attempted to explore and examine the type of different services preferred by consumers of Agoda, a well-known online travel agency, it also further examined the relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty. Based on the results, it could be...
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    The critical success factors that should be influenced alternatives to improve Thailand national swimming sport to gain the medals for the Olympic Games 

    Elango, Dinesh; Kitikorn Dowpiset; Chinnapha Woranet (2019)

    The purpose of the research is to explore the critical success factors that should be influenced alternatives to improve Thailand national swimming sport to gain the medals for the Olympic Games. The data for the paper were collected through the three factors based on the five successful countries in the world regarding with learning from experience of (1) the USA, (2) Germany, (3) Australia, (4) Japan, and (5) Hungary and Great Britain. The paper starts by seeking the articles, documents and records related that enhanced a competitive advantag...
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