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    Utilizing the 4 P's Framework for Student Retention in Thai Private Universities
    (IRED, USA, 2017-09) Poonpilas Asavisanu
    Increased pressure on Thai private universities to retain students in the wake of decreasing enrollment due to changing population demographics and mounting competition from both public and private universities, calls for a more practical approach to the planning and implementation of strategy and action regarding student retention. Most retention research has tended to be based on predominant models and theories of student retention developed from studies on western student populations. Thus, the explanatory or predictive power of these theories to accurately describe reasons behind student attrition in regional or local settings may be limited or inconclusive due to cultural, psychological or organizational differences in Asia and especially, Thailand. This paper will explore the use of the 4 P’s framework as developed at De Paul University in the context of the development of student retention strategies for Thai private universities. The exploration of student retention from a perspective which includes focus on specific institutional factors such as profile, progress, process, and promise may assist private universities in the development of practical applications for student retention that have increased effectiveness and efficiency.