Journal of Supply Chain Management: Research & Practice Vol. 14, No. 2 (December 2020)

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    Forecasting techniques for a needle manufacturer
    Currently, one of the most significant activities in supply chain management is inventory management, so various theories and concepts have been illustrated on how to get a well-managed inventory. The purpose of this research is to optimize theinventory level and suggest procurement planning to know thedemand forecast and a proper replenishment quantity of consumablestock, ABC Analysis model based on dollar value hasbeenapplied to prioritize significanceof the stock for the company topayattentionto. Forecastingtechniquesusehistorical dataof actual consumption to average demand.Moving Average Forecasting (MVA)and Single Exponential Smoothing forecasts(SES)help to predict demand in the next period. Forecasterror measurement such as Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD) and Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE) could support to find which of the forecast techniques is more accurate. Reorder Point (ROP) and Safety Stock (SS) can be recommended to computean optimum stock during replenishment cycleto maintain customer service level.These methodscan save over 2 million baht of inventory cost.
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    The improvement of stock allocation lead time by using lean six sigma
    (Assumption University Press, 2020) Pattama Sangphang ; Srobol Smutkupt ; Donn Pjongluck
    In the high level of competition in the market, customer satisfaction is very important for many companies to respond to the customer requirementsuch as on-time delivery. The current stock allocation process of company is inefficient to respond to on-time delivery and achieve customer requirement. The purpose of this research was to improve the stock allocation process of company by reducing sales order lines adjustment and lead time process. DMAIC model was applied to find activities that should be improved. The redesign process was created and implemented by eliminating the three adjustment reasons.After the implementation, the lead time of stock allocation process was reduced from 11 hours to 4 hours, and the sales order lines adjustment percentage wasreduced from 58% to 16% in the first month of implementation, 13% in the second month, and 12% in the third month.
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    Application of backhaul strategy for powder beverage products
    (Assumption University Press, 2020) Kulanan Imvimol ; Chanita Jiratcho ; Titinan Nakornsri
    The empty slot or space truck can create the underutilization of transportation for trip.This creates the low capacity of road usage, waste time and resources in transportation.In this researchfocused on vehicle route management intransferring the products from Khon Kaen to Bangkok. To reduce the transportation costwithhighroute utilization, the route of transportation needsto redesign to find the opportunity cost-savingwith effects price competitiveness of cost of goods sold.Backhaul strategy is one of the tools to increase route utilization. This strategysupported by using As-Is and To-Be to show before and after redesign route of transportation. The method has proven successful elsewhere for created high utilization in transportation and cost-saving.The expenditure report from February-July 2019(current route)and February-July 2020(new vehicle routing)are used to compare the result of redesign the routeby truck-sharing