“Shan” visual development for animation

dc.contributor.author Nutruda Satjawatcharaphong
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dc.date.issued 2015
dc.description Trends of making movies from famous novels and fictions has became very popular among the audiences and also the industry from fantasy fictions, ro- mantic novels and even horror fictions. This trend can be seen and accepted. Most of the films are live actions which using actors and there are few- er numbers of animation films compare to the live-actions. In the animation industry, most of the films that based on the actual books are mostly based on comic books or illustration books. According to the records, we have not seen a lot of animation films that based on the fictions or novels which don't have illustrations. So, “Shan” is a Visual Development works which all about creating the looks for the ani- mation in purpose of bringing them to the next process of making the anima- tion. “Shan” is the name of the project which based on the non-fiction series name “Darren Shan” wrote by the writer who has the same pen name as the main character “Darren Shan”. Darren Shan is a horror non-fiction series that made a lot of selling and also has been made into live-action film and comic books which only sells only in Japan but nev- er made into a form of animation film. en_US
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dc.subject Darren Shan
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dc.title “Shan” visual development for animation en_US
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