A study of learning outcome of innovative approach in teaching mathematics in primary students

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Assumption University
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Assumption University. Graduate School of Education
Scholar: AU Graduate School of Education Journal 3, 2 (September 2011), 45-50
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The study was conducted to identify innovative approaches in teaching Mathematics in primary grades to achieve higher learning outcomes. The derivatives applied in the study range from the teacher manipulative to student motivation. The research objectives were to study the learning outcome of innovative approach in teaching mathematics in primary students and to observe the attitude of students towards learning. The examined population was comprised of 33 students of primary grades from an International School in Thailand. The primary source of data is the student performance in the school prior to application of innovative approaches. The four different approaches, visual, hands on application, Media application and Project work were used to teach the students. The researcher wanted to observe the increase in the learning outcome. The research design was based on one group experimental design comprising of Pretest (O1) and Posttest (O2) results. The research instrument consist of, Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation and Periodical assessment to study the grades and Questionnaire to study the attitudes. Findings in this research were reviewed by scope of deriving new teaching standards is evident, which can be pursued for future researches and developing strategies for teaching and conducting studies can thus be highly beneficial for learning outcomes. It was observed 42.4% students’ performance greatly improved from B or C grade to A & A* grade. The students’ response to the innovative approach was also highly encouraging as majority approved of them and it was observed, that students had improved Interest level and Participation after application of Innovative approaches.
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