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    Developing an improvement plan for organizational leadership, management functions, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills for a government ministry 

    Da Silva, Elisa Maria; Sirichai Preudhikulpradab; Fernando, Maria Socorro (2020)

    This study examined the current conditions of the Civil Service Commission of Timor-Leste in terms of the organizational leadership, management functions, and interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and proposed an improvement plan to enhance the four variables. Data were collected using structured questionnaires and interviews. Thirty-five participants completed the questionnaires, of which six participants were interviewed based on purposive sampling. The interview transcript was validated by three coders; the responses from the structured que...
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    Appreciative inquiry : A positive approach to organizational planning and learning 

    Fernando, Maria Socorro Cristina L. (2010)

    The primary purpose of the study is to open a new possibility in the planning process of the Technology Centers using Appreciative Inquiry in designing the future directions through the creation of the Development Plan. The discoveries articulated through themes drawn from the use of AI approach as planning process are valuable to support the various applications of AI in organization development. This study uses purposive sampling in identifying the participants who represented the stakeholders of the Technology Centers. The focus group (15-25...
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    Navigating through the first wave of change: a synthesis of the action research dissertations of the PhD OD cohorts 1-5 Graduate School of Business, Assumption University, Thailand 

    Fernando, Maria Socorro Cristina L.; Tayko, Perla Rizalina M. (2014)

    The study focuses on forty three (43) dissertations done by the graduates of the Doctor of Philosophy in Organization Development (PhDOD) from the Graduate School of Business, Assumption University of Thailand, Hua Mak Campus. It is the objective of this article to present a perspective of what has been accomplished by the first five cohorts of graduates in their OD action research so that their work will serve as a reference for other MMOD/PhDOD related studies and MMOD/ PhDOD of students in the program as well as LEMS (leaders/executives/mana...
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    Leadership with heart in the Asian context: lessons from the field 

    Fernando, Marissa; Sirichai Preudhikulpradab (2011)

    This article presents Leadership with Heart, specifically from the context of two Southeast Asian countries, the Philippines and Thailand. Insights were sought from leaders and managers of these participating countries through an on-line questionnaire using open-ended questions. The questions dealt with two main inquiries: 1) Describe what leadership with heart is to you? and 2) How is leadership with heart experienced by you? Based on the contents analysis of collective insights, there are both similarities and differences in terms of its trai...
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    A study on factors impacting consumers' intention to use on-demand food delivery applications in Bangkok, Thailand 

    Dinesh Elango; Kitikorn Dowpiset; Jirachaya Chantawaranurak (2019)

    The purpose of this paper is to investigate the factors impacting on behavioral intention to use On-demand food delivery application in Bangkok, Thailand.Design/methodology/approach – A survey of 392 users of On-demand food delivery applications was conducted in Bangkok, Thailand through an online questionnaire using convenience and snowball sampling techniques. Multiple linear regression (MLR) was used to test research hypotheses.Findings – The results indicated that Personal innovativeness (PI) and Perceived Self-efficacy (PSE) have significa...
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    Measurement and evaluation of e-service quality dimension on customer satisfaction and brand loyalty towards online travel agency 

    Ahmed, Nahian; Kitikorn Dowpiset; Sirion Chaipoopirutana (2018)

    The continuous development of the Internet has facilitated businesses to enter into online web services. How businesses can utilize this growing business opportunity and can survive stiff competition is one of the important factors to be considered. Based on E-service quality dimensions, this study attempted to explore and examine the type of different services preferred by consumers of Agoda, a well-known online travel agency, it also further examined the relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty. Based on the results, it could be...
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    The critical success factors that should be influenced alternatives to improve Thailand national swimming sport to gain the medals for the Olympic Games 

    Elango, Dinesh; Kitikorn Dowpiset; Chinnapha Woranet (2019)

    The purpose of the research is to explore the critical success factors that should be influenced alternatives to improve Thailand national swimming sport to gain the medals for the Olympic Games. The data for the paper were collected through the three factors based on the five successful countries in the world regarding with learning from experience of (1) the USA, (2) Germany, (3) Australia, (4) Japan, and (5) Hungary and Great Britain. The paper starts by seeking the articles, documents and records related that enhanced a competitive advantag...
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    Using big data as a backbone for Thailand 4.0: a proposed framework 

    Jirapun Daengdej; Kitikorn Dowpiset (2018)

    Every country is currently preparing themselves for the fourth industrial revolution, the environment where innovation is the key concept for survival. Most of the countries have developed framework for their e-government development. Unfortunately, most of these frameworks do not contain adequate details on what are the activities required if big data will be used as a backbone of all services. This research focuses on proposing a conceptual framework for development of e-government in Thailand. The proposed framework explicitly contains all i...
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    Creativity dialog map: the adaptive OD technology for a small unit/team to make the positive change in the organization 

    Kitikorn Dowpiset (2015)

    Abstract Organization Development is an imperative process for the growth of organizations. The underlying process of the OD framework, its tools and techniques are intentionally implemented for planned change towards its view of an organization’s preferred direction and vision. This article presents an important process in planned change, that is, the processing of information. Convergent thinking and divergent thinking are alternative approaches to processing information. The paper presents the design of a new OD technology called “creativ...
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    A framework for risk management in AI system development projects 

    Kitti Photikitti; Kitikorn Dowpiset; Jirapun Daengdej (2019)

    It has been well-known that the chance of successfully delivering a software project within an allocated time and budget is very low. Most of the researches in this area have concluded that “user's requirements” of the systems is one of the most difficult risks to deal with in this case. Interestingly, until today, regardless of amount of effort put into this area, the possibility of project failure is still very high. The issue with requirement can be significantly increased when developing an artificial intelligence (AI) system, where one wou...
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    The academic rating criteria for knowledge web-based in Thailand 

    Kitikorn Dowpiset; Chompu Nuangjamnong (2013)

    With rapidly growth of the Information Technology (IT), the original aim of the words ‘‘Ranking’’ was to promote Web publication, not only to rank institutions and organizations. By supporting public open access initiatives, electronic accesses to scientific publications and to other academic materials are primary targets. The result for these reasons, the number of web publication in Thailand has been increasing in each year. The main behavior of most people in cyber world, they prefer to search information before deciding to do something, esp...
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    The possibilities of an implementation national ICT competency framework for Thailand ICT master plan 

    Chompu Nuangjamnong; Kitikorn Dowpiset; Maj, Stanislaw Paul; Veal, David (2010)

    This paper aims to analyse four National lCT competency frameworks which have been implemented within their respective countries. Two dimensions related to competency levels and implementation coverage are discussed and compared. The new Thailand lCT master plan 2009 - 2013 was announced on August 2009. This master plan required the strategy in human resource development; however, it did not clearly define how to establish a national IT skills framework. The results of discussions and comparisons from four competency frameworks from other count...
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    Strategies exploration for academic achievement improvement through organization development interventions (ODI) :a study of Kwara State University, Malete 

    Fagbolu, Olukemi; Fallon, Julia (2021)

    This paper focuses on exploring possible strategies for academic achievement improvement of tourism management students. The study in ODI perspective utilizes action research and survey feedback approach and employed mixed methodology comprising quantitative and qualitative in Nigeria context. Data were collected using semi structured questionnaire. Quantitative data are presented on tables and pie charts and analyzed through PSPP statistical analysis free software tool entailing simple descriptives, percentages and means (M). It presents, codi...
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    The influence of enterprise online information behavior on consumer satisfaction 

    Liang, Liu (2021)

    Based on findings from previous studies a model of the influence of enterprise online information behavior on consumer behaviors was formulated, analyzed, and developed using data collected by questionnaire from a sample of 479 consumers in the context of China. Enterprise behavior is represented by three constructs (information disclosure, interaction, and utilization) which influence consumer behaviors related to perceptions of pleasure, control, and attention and in turn consumer satisfaction. Many of the findings related to direct effects t...
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    An organization development intervention to enhance the learning organization: a case study of student affairs, Assumption University of Thailand 

    Tana Kaipunlert (2021)

    Higher education is evolving rapidly in today’s environment of global connectivity, technological advances and student diversity. The education industry must respond to these changes in order to remain viable. As a key division in the university, Student Affairs plays a vital role in helping universities respond to changes by ensuring that students’ needs are addressed effectively. To accomplish this, Student Affairs must continuously be able to improve by becoming skilled at creating, acquiring and transferring knowledge, in short, it must bec...
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    Developing student leadership readiness, core leadership skills to enhance student engagement through organization development intervention: action research at Zhejiang Yuexiu University of foreign languages in Zhejiang Province, The people’s republic of China 

    Li, Bing; Kim, Seongdok (2021)

    Student leadership development has captured increasing concern in the field of education. Leadership plays an integral part in the fulfillment of 21st-century skills, namely, career and life skills,toadapt to the changing circumstancesand the need to cultivate talent. The present action research aimed to utilize effective OD interventions to develop students’leadership readiness and core leadership skills to enhance student engagement in campus-basedextracurricular activities in a privateuniversity in China. The acti...
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    How’s my English? The English communication needs of wellness spa therapists’ in Thailand 

    Jidapha Kraisri; Deocampo, Marilyn Fernandez (2021)

    This study focuses on the English communication needs of wellness spa therapists in Thailand. This is supported by an objective: to identify the needs of spa therapists in English communication specifically to the target situation. This study is deemed important so that a specific English language course can be recommended. The study employed a qualitative method employing observation and semi-structured interviews as instruments to collect data and used purposive sampling to select the participants. There were 30 spa therapists and one assista...
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    Hospitality and tourism industry Post-COVID-19: a silver lining in the dark cloud 

    Batra, Adarsh (2021)

    It is the sad truth that all hospitality and tourism (H&T) related businesses are experiencing setbacksin 2020, some greater than others, and are trying to navigate out of the storm. Coronavirus has changed the face of the global H&T industry which isnot the same as it was in 2019 and before it. Countries reliant on hospitality, and tourismfor their growth are experiencing particularly large disruptions. In the meantime, H&T businesses face tremendous uncertainty around what comes next. However, H&T businesses need to h...
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